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Happy Thanksgiving

                                                                                                          May this Thanksgiving Day find you thanking God for all His marvelous blessings. Truly He has blessed us with all His marvelous benefits

America, the Simple Life

  I would like to share with you a poem I wrote in 2007 about what I think America has become:   America: The Simple Life

If You Need Spiritual Help

   If you need spiritual help check us out at  IBBC is located in Pittsburg, Kansas and was organized approximately 40 years ago. Our current pastor, Jim Fryer is a God fearing man who is truly all about sharing God’s truth with the entire world.  Come and become a part of our endeavor of sharing God’s Word with a world that is need of His forgiveness.  We covet your prayers. GOD BLESS YOU!!   As the page expands, we will include the message(s) that God has given to the world. Hope to see you soon.