My Own Melody

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What are you truly thankful for?


Wednesday, November 23rd, I thought about visiting my sainted Mother who has gone to Heaven, and as I lay in the hospital bed I began to realize how blessed we all really were. When you come to the end of your life, do you approach it in fear or do you anticipate it with great expectation? He has not only given us so much here in life but He has prepared for us a better future when we leave this life.       Friday, November 25th.  As I walked around the yard today holding the beloved hand of my precious granddaughter Kenzi, I told her that grandpa could have been walking the golden streets of Heaven with God today, but what we were experiencing was the next best thing.  She looked at me and said with a confident gaze “I love you so very much grandpa!” to which I replied, “Grandpa loves you even more!” What more is there to be thankful for? The love of God and the love of a precious child, what more is there to be desired?

Thank You Jesus.