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I’ve been working on my music for approximately four (4) years and I have written about 680 songs.   I am also working on a book that is to be published early in 2012.  I have several songs that are only partially complete and will release them as soon as they are finished.  I have received a positive response to my work and many have told me, “No matter what you do, don’t quit writing, your lyrics are powerful and uplifting”. One thing I have found is that getting your music into the community is not as easy as I thought it would be. Whether it is because of a lack of interest or outright indifference, many do not want to accept what you are trying to do.  From the beginning, my intent has been to honor God and to tell an evil world about His goodness and desire to redeem.  I have given everything to Him and if I am to succeed, it will be because of His will and might. The enemy of man, Satan, has set his attention upon destroying and corrupting all that is good, and without the power of an omnipotent God we would all be destroyed. Thank you for taking the time to examine my work and I pray that you will be uplifted for having done so.  It is my intent and desire to be a blessing and I know if I remain faithful to the cause of a righteous God, I can never fail.   GLH