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Who Am I? The Importance of God


  Who Am I?     The importance of God.

          God must be the most important part of my life, without Him I am sure to stumble and fall.  When I consider what I am to do or where I am to go, I must first bow my head and ask God to prepare my life for His calling and then direct me where He wants me to go.  A step taken without His approval, is a step taken into disobedience and I am sure to be left doubting and discontent..  When I come to a point where I realize my inadequacies and I truly want to make a difference, I must first give it to Him.  I have come to a point in my life where I ask myself why am I so important, or why does God want or need me?  In the consistency of God, the answer is always the same; it is always about LOVE. 

           Love is the reason that He created me, the reason that He died to redeem me. Love is the reason He continually puts up with my inconsistencies and my denials.  Love is the reason He has promised to never leave me, to always meet my every need.   God knows who He is, He knows His importance to my survival and He wants to be with me through it all.  The truly important, the most significant part of my life is do I know who He is?  Do I really know how vital my relationship with Him is and do I work everyday to cultivate and sustain it?  The only importance I derive is from His loving me and wanting to be my friend.  That is a humbling experience and if I would stop there, I would be premature.  I need God to complete the question, “Who am I” and without Him the answer will always be NOTHING!  If I am to be complete, I need God.  If I am to be useful, I need God.  If I am to fulfill the purpose for which I was created, I need God.  If I were not important, then why would He care so much or why would He do all that He does to see that I am taken care of? God’s love for me is not something that I should misinterpret or cause me to become arrogant or vain.  In all things I am to be thankful and humble, I am to be, as He is, caring and wanting to share.

          The love of God is that part of me that is to be useful. Useful in the sense that it is to be that light that shines from me that is directing others to His awesome peace and rest.  It is that presence that makes me compassionate and caring. It causes me to sacrifice to meet the needs of others, to give when I have little to give and to always be thankful and forgiving.

          Who am I? I am someone that God has chosen to love and to die for.  I am someone that God has chosen to protect and defend.  Most important, I am someone that God has taken out of Hell and placed into that brighter home with Him.  What else on this earth truly matters?  What else is so important that I would willingly give up all that He is and truly wants to be? The presence of God in my life is truly what I am all about.  If I am to remain what I need to be, I must be constantly aware of His importance for my continual survival.   I must be in continual harmony for His will to be complete and as I live, I must seek His eternal favor.    property of  My Own Melody, LLC.