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What is Truly Beautiful?

What is truly Beautiful?

     What is truly beautiful?  As I sit within my cozy room, in my mind I’m made to ponder the true beauty of life and all that a wonderful, loving God has given me.  The cold wind is blowing outside my window; its arctic chills sent to remind me of a world that is distant and intolerant.  Blinded by the immoral demands of and evil world, I am made to question my inner passions and to wonder if I am truly doing all that I can to be what I feel is decent and profitable.  Life is short and for it to be what God has intended, it must be lived to its fullest.  That is not to say that I must be the one who is always considered or fussed over, but that I am being used to fulfill a purpose that only He can determine and insure.  The true measure of life is not about what can be gained, spent or hoarded.  We were not created to expend or waste the treasures of a wealthy society; to live enjoying the pleasures of wantonness or to fulfill the lusts of the flesh.  As the saying goes, “eat, drink and be merry”.


The true beauty of life is found in all that a loving God has intended.  If I am to experience His marvelous presence, then I must strive to keep my life away from the decadence and pride of a perverse world and in tune with His. The beauty of God’s creation is only allowed to shine when it reflects the magnificent glory of its Creator. True life comes from no other but is allowed to exist only in the presence of the One that has the power to create and preserve.  In essence, the true beauty of life is seen with a pure heart and is express with the intent of honoring and serving Him.  It will continue to flourish while it receives that love and it will die when it has been taken away or refused. A true reflection can only be maintained by the spotless and the pure.  For one to replicate another their desires and motives must be the same; their intent must be that of sustaining one other.  


The importance of life.  The truly blessed are those that see God through innocent eyes, as He truly is, magnificent, righteous and holy.  Those that see Him as a God of love who has sworn to uphold all those that are His obedient children.  Those that accept Him for what and who He truly is, the Creator of all things, life and all the treasures of the universe.  What is more important than life and if it be any other thing, what is the power that gives and sustains it?  If there be a thousand universes, what good are they without the life that inhabits them or of what importance are they without God’s love to maintain and uphold them?  God is love, God is truth, God is all things righteous and holy, He is a God to be admired and adored. God is a God to be worshiped and praised.  How do we maintain the arrogance of self in the presence of someone so magnificent and powerful, someone so loving and compassionate?  How do we underestimate or trivialize someone who has placed the needs of His creation above the splendor of His throne, who has sacrificed everything to give life not only a chance to survive but to flourish and prosper.  How magnificent, that God has placed the love of His creation above or equal to the life of His only begotten Son.  What can be more beautiful than a Father’s love for his child, or his willingness to sacrifice his own life to save that of another? How can the material things of life become more preferred or adored than life itself? How can the Creator be placed below that of His creation?


What Is Truly Beautiful?

 What is truly beautiful?

The world with eyes don’t see

The glory of a loving God

Who is watching over me.

The beauty of a warm spring day

The touch of loving hands

Bought down to guide and comfort me

No evil understands


This world it’s view of beauty finds

What makes it feel the best

For lust is what life’s all about

No thought of peace and rest

An endless crave for what can please

The emptiness inside

The only thing the heart can please

Is somehow left denied


What is truly beautiful?

The world with eyes don:t see

The glory of a loving God

Who is watching over me

The strength to meet my circumstance

The hope to light my day

What can I find more beautiful

He’s with me all the way


What truly makes life beautiful?

Is not the urge to sin

For doing what is an offense

Can’t give true peace within

The sinful nature of a man

That nature He’s born in

Knows nothing that is beautiful

Until it’s cleansed from sin


What is truly beautiful?

The world with eyes don’t see

The glory of a loving God

Who is watching over me

The promise of a better day

His strength at my command

True beauty is a miracle

Salvation from His hand


True beauty in life we can find

It’s not that hard to see

Depending what your looking for

Twill be how it will be

For beauty’s not seen with the eyes

It’s seen with a clean heart

Those things that mean the most to you

True beauty will impart


What is truly beautiful?

The world with eyes don’t see

The glory of a loving God

Who is watching over me

True love that’s given unto man

I’m held by loving hands

What could I find more beautiful

Than One who understands


Yes what I find most beautiful

Those worldly eyes don’t see

My God above is beautiful

For all He’s given me

But I await to see the best

He has prepared for me

For soon I’ll enter Heaven fair

True beauty there to see


What is truly beautiful?

The world with eyes don’t see

The glory of a loving God

Who is watching over me

The beauty of His awesome love

He gives to every man

The only thing that’s beautiful

I find within His hand


November, 2011 My Own Music, LLC.  –