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Lonely Serving Him.

       Sometimes it can get so lonely serving God that you begin to wonder if you are really accomplishing anything of true benefit.  Allowing God to work in your life can never be a mistake or unbeneficial, but feeling like you are traveling the road alone can become tiresome and discouraging.  Waiting upon God is not the most comfortable place to be in but if you have given everything to Him, then it is the place that you must be.  God has promised to never leave or forsake one of His children, and I am sure that those who have surrendered their lives to Him are in the center of His thoughts and prayers.  God has promised us everything but He owes us nothing. As we seek His divine will for our lives, we will be required to walk the valley as well as the mountaintop.  When we are in the valley we must climb the mountain to get to the top.  The higher the mountain the longer the climb, but the higher we climb the closer we are to Him (or so you would think).

        As His devoted child, everything that we do is in service to Him, and since He has promised to be with us through it all, we are never alone.  Whether on the mountain top or in the valley, how do you get closer to God then in the center of His will, or how can we gain more joy then in serving Him?  We are safe in His arms no matter where we are, and to feel insecure or doubting is only to question the one that has promised to meet our every need.  As I think about it, I am made to believe if God were not with me in the valley, I would remain there humbled and defeated.  If He did not hold my hand all of the way, I would never begin my journey to the top.  How wonderful it is to realize that it really doesn’t matter where I am, when I am in His will, I am where I am suppose to be.  .        

          Where do I get my comfort and fulfillment?  In accomplishing things here on earth or in the knowledge that all I have accomplished was for and through Him? The only true benefits in life are obtained by pleasing Him and without His approval, how are we to be truly blessed? Being where I am supposed to be should leave me content and full of joy. It is not wrong or a sinful to want more when that desire is placed within God’s eternal will, but to allow the evil of this world to discourage or draw me away from His love is sinful and destructive.  Allowing my faith to take me to that place where I am confident that He will do as He has promised, insures that no time will be wasted in doubt or self pity.  As a Christian, being about the Fathers business should be my only aim and purpose.  Allowing Him to use me is what life is all about, and as I am drawn closer to Him, I am made totally aware of His true blessings and abundant grace.  

         What an awesome God, what a noble purpose.  There is no greater goal than that of serving Him.

                                                                                             THANK YOU PASTOR JIM  for your unwavering devotion to God’s cause. The preaching of His Holy Word to those who are hopeless and dying without Him.

                                                                                              INDEPENDENT BIBLE BAPTIST CHURCH      –     PITTSBURG, KANSAS 66762

                                                                                                            MERRY CHRISTMAS 2011  from  My Own Melody, LLC,