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“Latest Additions”

Fifty + of the latest song I have written from the total 700 +         GLH – MyOwnMeody, LLC

Perfect Sacrifice.mp3 – Only God.mp3 – Perfect Sacrifice.mp3 – Ready Right Now.mp3 – Smack Dab In The Middle.mp3 – Someone Loves You.mp3 – Sunshine in the Morning.mp3 – The Best is Yet to Come.mp3 – The Love of God .mp3 – The Rules Have All Been Broken.mp3 – There Was No Way.mp3 – There’s Only One Victory.mp3 – There’s So Much .mp3 – What Can I Give .mp3 – What Do I have to Worry.mp3 – Within Your Strength.mp3 – Only In Your Presence.mp3 – You Are The Only .mp3 – What a Beautiful Thought.mp3 – We Sing Glory.mp3 – Nothing to Gain.mp3 – Nothing Seems Right.mp3 – My Will In Life .mp3 – Lord You Owe me Nothing.mp3 – Leaning on my blessed Jesus.mp3 – I’ve Never Had it Easy.mp3 – It’s Up To Him .mp3 – It’s All or Nothing.mp3 – It Will Be Better.mp3 – It was More Than A Dream.mp3 – It was all about Love.mp3 – Isn’t That Why You Died.mp3 – Isn’t It Interesting.mp3 – I’m Depending On Jesus .mp3 – I’ll Just Take What God has Given .mp3 – I Will Love You Forever .mp3 – I Want To Praise You.mp3 – I Pray to Jesus .mp3 – I Need Your Loving Lord .mp3 – I Just Want To Sing.mp3 – I Don’t Want To Go There .mp3 – I Don’T Want To Be A Burden .mp3 – I Don’t Know .mp3 – I Choose Jesus.mp3 – Holy Father God of Mercy.mp3 – He Will Endure .mp3 – FAITH.mp3 – Dear Lord I must Remember .mp3 – Closer .mp3 – Christ Died for Me.mp3 – All That Is Needed .mp3 – A Palace or a Stable.mp3 – A Holy Life .mp3 – You Don’t Have to Go.mp3 –

I will add songs as time allowsA Little Bit of Happy