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Lack of Opportunity is NOT a reason for Bitterness and Denial …

Lack of Opportunity is NOT a reason for Bitterness and Denial …

In the process of growing, we gain responsibility and knowledge to do what is profitable and good. We learn to accept the truth for what it is and to deal with our failures as stepping stones unto a better way and condition. Circumstances, good or bad, are only the criterion we have been given; they are our starting point, the place of our beginning. They will lead us to a place of truth and prosperity, or they will take us down that adverse road of denial and rejection; the choice is ours, we are not initially condemned to failure and defeat. The grass is not always greener where we are not permitted to stand, and if we choose to excuse our ignorance by our lack of opportunity, then we will always live bitter and discouraged lives. Life is never lived in the future, it is here and now. We must plan for what is ahead, but we do not plan by giving up the expectations or opportunities we are given in the present.

Do not be amazed at who God is, show your amazement at what He has done and at what He has promised to do. You cannot make God more or less than what He already is, but you can, by His unending love and grace, meet Him at that place where you can avail yourself of His remarkable compassion and love. In God’s grace, accomplishment and potential are only limited by your unwillingness to serve; and, without His help and acceptance, all that you can accomplish will amount to naught. When we reach the end, it should not be greeted with reservation and doubt, wondering what happened, where did it all go? Memories, in many cases, are just as important as opportunities, because they have taken what could be and made them reality, made them what we own. In life our choices make reality what it is. The responsible is ours to squander or to treasure, to waste or to applaud. Consume yourself with excitement not despair; place your expectations upon God and not upon this world. He can give you what no one else can give. His anticipation of you will not leave you unfulfilled and doubting. He is not one that is uncaring and unconcerned. God is faithful, by whom ye were called unto the fellowship of his Son Jesus Christ our Lord” (1 Corinthians 1:9). In the presence of almighty God, all doubt becomes the action of fools, it only shows ones ignorance and inability and unwillingness to comprehend.

Giving in to the dictates of an evil society can cause nothing but harm. To dilute the honest and pure with the many things this world hopes to achieve can in no way be considered wise or prudent. Hating the things of God is not showing wisdom, and denying His gift will not put you in a place of peace and total comfort. The reality of God’s undeniable truth cannot be altered or escaped; it will find you saved or lost, accepted or denied. There is no way to remove God from His place of authority or service. How do you soften the effects of sin and make them to be acceptable? The condemned soul has no place for refuge outside of the redeeming arms of a loving God. How can you take what is God’s and give it to another, thinking it wise and equitable? The justification of sin is only the perversion of the truth; there is no middle road nor can there ever be. Mixing the pure with the defiled does not cleanse the spotted but pollutes what was once holy.

Arrogance has only one flair one motive; the delusion of the innocent and the fool-hearty. In the conceit of self-pity and pride there can be found no love or compassion, it only seeks to excuse and defend its rebellious spirit and its need to self-indulge. In its pretense it will speak concern for the disadvantaged and the down-trodden only to be proven heartless and unconcerned. The life of the pretentious and the proud has no true substance; they live a life filled with false hope and superstition. Pretending to be what they are not, they over-emphasize their purpose and their importance. Their only grasp of reality is false and inflated; they live in a vacuum that will not allow them to be coherent or humble. They live in a world of their own making. Wanting to be someone or something they could never be, they go about pretending that their way is justifiable and unique. In essence they have never left the presence of their childhood; they have deluded themselves into believing they are without need of redemption.

We being human seek to belong, to become a part of something more notable, more relevant. Life alone has no true substance or relativity; like the love of self it is empty and unrewarding. That craving to fulfill the lust of the flesh does not give right or reason; it is there because we live in an environment that is evil and unruly. In the act of doing, we accomplish what is good or what is bad; we accomplish what is honorable or what is vile. Waste or idle time cannot be considered judicious. The night was given for rest, not for a time of evil indulgence and folly.

A screech from hell has no expression of welcome; its cries are only a gruesome forewarning from the dead and the dying; a warning to those that have ears to hear and a will to listen. To resist or ignore the cries of the damned is to place oneself in the perils of perdition, the condemnation of sin. How could anyone be considered wise by refusing to hear? It wearies my mind to think of the many hours that are spent in search of the truth when, in reality, it has not been hidden.

How can anyone considered themselves to be virtuous when they are at odds with their creator? How does any woman or man become thoughtless and hateful when they stand for what is true and innocent? The pious and sanctimonious gain no true praise or merit, they are only presentable in their own eyes and in the eyes of a world that is captivated by deceit and lies. A man cannot be justified by his conviction when those convictions are indecent and reprehensible. Justifying something, anything, because of how it makes you feel or because of its physical gratification is only a pretense; it is only momentary and subversive. Cheap thrills, or placing your life in jeopardy, is not one’s maximum chance of obtainment; and, to consider yourself to have arrived when you are out of control, is only thoughtless and unproductive. In its subversion it briefly takes you from this world’s mundane, unexciting circumstance and gives you that “high” expectation or moment of extreme pleasure. How could anyone gain hope in the unexpected or true purpose in what is only temporal? How can anyone be considered free when they are in bondage to perversion and sin? To accept what this world has to offer cannot put you in that place of serenity when by accepting it you are made to fear. To uphold righteousness is not being foolish but wise; thoughtless but caring.

To protect those things in life which have no true merit or value cannot be considered wise when you will be condemned for doing so. The rules have already been written, they are not threatened or in danger of modification or extinction. Truths, reality, those things that we are to live by were given us by a righteous, all-powerful God; they are not under the sanction or approval of man. We were not given the right or responsibility of creating, the creation will never be more powerful then the Creator.

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