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Choosing the Abundant Life …DEDICATION

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While this book was written to thank God for His unending grace, if it were not for my Mother; I would not have known Him in the loving way that I did. She was truly in love with her Lord; she spent every day of her life thanking Him for all that He had given her.

To be told of her worldly possessions, you would have considered her extremely poor: but she had a spirit about her that over-looked her earthly poverty and found true riches in the One that she openly revered. There have been few like her, but knowing her has made me a better man, a better son.

Thank You Mom for your true devotion, this world is a better place by your having lived here. These words were written at her death to celebrate her life while here on earth,

        So loyal and steady

         She did it alone, with God looking down

         Gave all that she had

         With never a sound

         No what about me, or it is my turn

         She was that example

         From which you could learn

        She did live what she taught and taught what she lived

         There was no second guess

         Her all she would give

         If sainthood’s obtained while living on earth

         She over and over

         Has showed her true worth

        She took not for herself but thought only of others

         Giving true meaning and worth

         To the personage of mothers

         No one have I known who lived life so true

         Who lived what she taught

         Dear Mom, We love you

Margaret A. Hardesty

November 15,1918 – January 7, 2006