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When you should read God’s Word …


The Most Important Times to Read God’s Word …by GLH

You should read God’s Word when you don’t have the time. You should read it when you don’t feel like reading it; and, particularly, when you don’t want to read it. You ask, “Why are these times so important”. The work or intent of the Spirit of God is to draw you closer to God and unto the cross, while your enemy will discourage you or persuade you to relent and to sin. The Spirit of God monitors your desires and your feelings. He is there to reassure us and to enable us. It is the intent of the enemy to force you away from God and from any power or energy that keeps that connection viable and thriving. God’s Word is that power and without its constant revealing and cleansing, you will be destroyed. Reading God’s Word and praying are man’s main source of instruction and strength. As we follow His teaching and keep in touch, He is able to provide everything that we need. The enemy knows that he cannot match the power of God or the authority that God provides, so he must do everything that he can to discourage and detract.

As we go through life we occupy ourselves with many problems and difficulties, we are drawn unto sin and the flesh. We are encouraged in God’s Word to hide His Word in our heart to keep us from sinning (Psalm 119:11). The enemy will discourage you, he will tell you that there are more important things that you need to do; and, he will place all manner of confusion and disincentives in your path. He knows the influence and power that God’s Word will have over you. He will do everything that he can to discourage you and to draw you away from its liberating power. The Bible is the pathway to life; its wisdom will enlighten you and prepare you for what is ahead. Its laws will caution and direct you, while its wisdom will give you the knowledge and understanding needed to convert and restore. Its message is food for the soul, medicine to heal your aching heart and cleanse your aching spirit. It is the only unblemished truth that exists; in its infallible wisdom, we are liberated from sin and set free to honor and to praise. There is no freedom outside God’s Word.

Read God’s Word in the lonely times and in those times when you feel dejected and afraid. Read God’s Word when you experience doubt and are in need of spiritual cleansing. Read God’s Word when you are troubled and need to be reassured. As you read God’s Word He knows the intent of your heart and He will be there to comfort and to guide you. It is impossible to enter into or to be in the magnificent presence of a holy God and not know He is there, that you are there. You will never leave the presence of God without either a blessing or a curse, a blessing to know that He is pleased and finds you pleasing, a curse to know that you are disobedient and in need of His forgiveness.