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Facebook Response: Laurie Loso James, Sunday August 14, 2015.

Facebook comment in reply to my article, “The thoughtless act of abortion”, request given by my Facebook friend, Laurie Loso James, Sunday August 14, 2015.
Original comment, Laurie: “I agree 100%. But there will always be people who argue that they did not “participate”! but it was forced upon them (rape, molestation). I would be interested in what you would say to those who try to justify abortion that way”.

I pray that my answer or explanation is a help and a blessing.
As I consider any topic or study its importance or ramifications, I ask myself pertinent questions or suggest possibilities and then, with the help of almighty God, debate or ask myself, through intimate study, what is the truth, or what it is God wants me to believe. I do not believe that our discussion is to be contentious, but informative. The truth is never left up to public opinion or approval, but it can sometimes be difficult to fathom, or, through personal interference and doubt, long in coming. The truth will always be apparent, even though it may sometimes be hidden or difficult to uncover. If we seek the truth, God has promised to reveal it. While it is possible that, at a later date, we will sometimes amend our thinking; that does not mean the truth has changed or evolved, it is only that things have become more undistorted and clear. It is also possible that while writing our response, we choose the wrong words or words that do not define or express what we truly feel or intend to say. I say this not to negate my opinion or thinking, but to allow time and space for the truth to be forthwith and rightfully expressed. Negative feelings and emotions have a way of distorting the truth, and, with the help of the enemy, are sure to cause a negative response and spiritual blindness. The truth will always be hid from those who refuse to listen and to believe. While the truth will always remain constant, it is up to us, the hearer, to earnestly strive to obtain and defend it. I believe it wise to examine all human behavior, to determine if it is something that we should support or should abhor. Wisdom comes from understanding, and without knowing the total truth, how are we to gain what is relevant and considered permissible? It is unwise to leave vital truths up for speculation, when they have been offered for our advancement and not our destruction, just as it is imprudent to expect the enemy to champion our eternal good and prosperity.
I do not relate to or support those who hide behind convenience or what they consider as their personal right to “evolve” and to make up or to change their minds. Those individuals are unstable; they have been deceived, and, because of sins unpardonable deception, wish to deceive those who they see as pretentious and gullible. The truth needs no agreement or support of the masses to be expressed and viable. In my explanation I am only laying the ground work or reasons I believe what I believe. I do not wish to take sides or to presume the implausible. Absolute truths do not fluctuate or change, and there is no justifiable reason to suggest that they can or do.
I must begin by stating unequivocally; if humanly possible, all innocent life is precious and should be preserved or painstakingly spared, no matter the conditions or circumstances of the malicious act or evil occurrence. To infer that they did not participate is meaningless and foolish, even when we must concede that it was not agreed to or consensual. Life is a miraculous blessing from God and no matter how it is begun, must be considered as such. The innocent, or those who are pure but vulnerable, must be considered as blameless and are in need of our protection as well as our sympathy and love. Where do we gain any absolution from destroying what God has determined is above our suspicion and disgust? Rape is a malicious act of the flesh and is intended to alleviate or appease the bitter pangs of fleshly lust and sin. From my personal experience, I do not believe that all rapes are one-sided or to be considered mean-spirited and vicious. They begin as mis-guided acts of mutual sexual desire and gratification but can often end up being detested and disavowed. No matter how hard I try, I will never be able to justify the dismembered parts of an aborted child over the torn feelings of an angry, despondent parent or mother. They are both to be abhorred, but how can you terminate someone who was alive and say it was for the security and well-being of those who are living and flourishing?
Saying this, I must acknowledge that rape is rape, and that under any reason or definition must be considered unjustifiable and evil. One of the weaknesses or short-comings of the human mind is that what once seem to be desirable and lovely can soon become bitter and unthinkable. In most transgressions or misdeeds there is always plenty of blame to go around, and you can be sure that everyone will see that the blame is not laid upon their doorsteps. That is not to say that some rapes are not spontaneous and brutal. I also acknowledge that I sympathize with the one who has been mistreated and abused. There is no justification of abuse, physical or mental; but, I sometimes wonder how we determine it and who is truly accountable. Are the ones who perpetrated the act the only ones who are responsible, or are those who contributed by their inappropriate behavior and complacency, to also be held accountable? To be sure, nothing evil happens without the prodding and constant approval of the enemy. He is sure to see that everything defiant is made to be as destructive and despicable as it can possibly be. No matter how hard you try, you will never be able to totally understand or justify sinful acts of perversion and terror. Sin is sin, and God will hold those who indulge in it accountable.
I would not attempt to answer any question of this nature without referring to the Bible or quoting what God’s Word has to say about it. What God says is monumental and should be considered trust-worthy and revealing.
“These six things doth the LORD hate: yea, seven are an abomination unto him: A proud look, a lying tongue, and hands that shed innocent blood, An heart that deviseth wicked imaginations, feet that be swift in running to mischief, A false witness that speaketh lies, and he that soweth discord among brethren. (Proverbs 6:16-19, KJV).
If you look at what we must consider as significant and binding, you will see that, the shedding of innocent blood is an abomination to God, it is something that He hates. God is not open to suggestions nor does He wish to be confusing or redundant. What He says is Holy and He is sure to defend; He is forever dogmatic and real. That is to say, His Word is not perplexed by if’s, could be’s or maybe’s. How do you aimlessly discard something that God says He hates and not fear chastisement or know that you will be held accountable? In all things God will have the last word; and therefore, He must be honored and obeyed. Justifying a sinful act by upholding the occurrence of another, cannot give one credibility or excuse. Not to sound harsh or uncompassionate, while man may consider it justifiable and legal, God has declared the shedding of innocent blood as murder. No matter how indifferent or cruel something is there is always some way that God can restore it or make it anew. Sinful acts are always temporal, but the consequences of participation are often brutal and lingering. The act of forgiveness is far more uplifting and healing than the act of vengeance and murder.
I believe, and must conclude, that the ultimate goal of those who have been subjected to such brutal behavior is to get past its unfortunate occurrence and begin to live again. Choosing abortion as the only alternative or option, shows one’s coldness and inability and unwillingness to forgive. Am I to accept what they, the victim or the prey, consider is needed and justifiable, or do I depend upon God and His Holy Word to advise me what is beneficial and indispensable? I believe that everything we choose to do is guided by the condition of our heart; and, if we are compassionate and forgiving, in the case of incest or rape, it will determine the future of the one who has been conceived. In most of the things that we are forced to do, there is conjecture and assumptions, but those assumptions must be guided by compassion and truth. Killing the unborn is not a way to eradicate sinful behavior; and, in most instances, will only serve to complicate and compound it.
This world has been led astray by those that tell us, “If it feels good, do it”. The counsel or advice of the world will always be divisive and worldly. It seeks to go the way of man and not of God. It will always go the way of the flesh which is vindictive and self-serving. An over-whelming desire to experience pleasure or to feel good is what causes us to sin and to justify our sinful behavior. In the case of rape, our selfish right or motive to feel good is what that sinful act is all about.
In my mind I believe that many of those who have been assaulted, while not deserving such a fate, contributed to or were partly responsible for what happened. I know that I will be crucified by many for what I infer or suggest but it is not my intention to judge or to place fault on anyone. No matter how politically correct I am, there are those who will judge me for what they assume to be spiteful and bias. The way of the world is to say, “It’s my body, I am in total control and can do with it as I please”; but, are we being realistic or real? Do we really have the control over what we see as unpleasant and undesirable? Do we have the authority and power to reject what we see as painful and unwelcome? Should the life of another be required out of vengeance and spite? Is it right to enact vengeance on those who have no means or way to retaliate? This world revolves around hate and one’s intimate desire to be self-serving and covetous. To the envious their hunger is not limited by decree or circumstance. They will make a way even when no way exists.
It is for the reasons I have provided that I believe abortion, in the case of rape, is not a viable option or remedy. There are many productive, well-adjusted individuals alive today that were the product of rape. They alone are prime examples of why we should not let abortion become the stated cure for inappropriate behavior or sin. God has promised to forgive confessed sin and when we become willing to accept responsibility, inflicted or not, we become content and useful. Just because someone is born out of arrogance and lust does not mean that they will be prone or destined to the same inappropriate behavior. You do not learn to love and respect someone because of their parents but out of their personal desire to love and to be loved. In most cases, I believe the most despicable act being perpetrated is not the rape itself but the refusal and inability, through the act of abortion, to acknowledge our sins and willingly forgive. The Bible tells us that charity will cover a multitude of sins (1 Peter 4:8) and for anyone to become like God wants them to be, they must be charitable and willing to forgive.
Rape is a condition of the heart, so is how we choose to handle it or what we choose to do in its aftermath. Just because you have been physically abused and violated, how can you say that the life inside of you has no purpose or right to exist? In many ways, isn’t your refusal to forgive just as barbaric and cruel as the one’s who caused your discomfort? (Matthew 6:14-16). I’m sure the life that is within you, thinks that it is.