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I Choose Jesus I Can’t Do It I Am Alpha and Omega I Don't Want to Lose

Have you ever had a time in your life when you felt that there was something that you just had to do?  Not really knowing how to do it, you feel really inadequate about how to accomplish it.   Telling yourself that there is really a purpose for doing it while knowing that you couldn’t put your time to accomplish anything more beneficial.  The harder you try to convince yourself that it would be too difficult and serve no real purpose, the more deeply you feel that it should be done and you are made to feel unfulfilled or ashamed for not attempting it. You know that it would not be an easy task, and to do it would cause you to sacrifice or place yourself in a place of discomfort?  Mixed feelings and a feeling of inadequacy have for sure stopped a lot of needed accomplishments from being started, and I am sure that there has been a numberless amount of needed things left uncompleted because of doubt and indecision.   Even after giving into your inner feelings and attempting to accomplish what you so deeply felt you must, there is still this feeling that what you have struggled to accomplish just really doesn’t quite measure up and is really quite inadequate or insufficient. You are left feeling uneasy about sharing your aspirations and accomplishments with others, but somehow you feel a need to do so, not out of an attempt to obtain praise but out of a true feeling or desire to be of assistance, to make a difference

I have found myself going down this road, being made to feel inferior and defeated.   It is truly a lonely feeling one of worthlessness, but it is also a situation that has a simple solution.  I must allow God to take control of all aspects of my life and accept His leadership for my daily life as well as for my eternal future.  Sometimes the solutions to our problem(s) are very simple but we as humans allow ourselves to get in the way and to complicate them.  I know that in my life I have made many bad decisions and the only way that I have been able to deal with them is to give them all to the Lord.  I am nothing at my best but I have no cause to doubt that in Him I can accomplish great things, I can accomplish His will for my life.  What in life is so important that it cannot be sacrificed for the enrichment of humanity?  Who am I to determine or dictate what is right or proper?  What in my life has given me the right to limit God or to say what He can do or what He cannot do with little I have given Him?  Nothing ever occurs to God. The many things that He does each day are Him just being God, when to man here on earth they are life giving miracles.  All that I can and must do is to follow Him seeking His eternal will for my life.  I must give Him what I have and what I am and then willingly step behind to follow Him wherever His will so chooses to take me.  For me this has not been easy but has always been the way that I know it must be if I am to achieve any peace and joy in my life.  Giving it to Him, it’s no longer my problem it belongs to Him.  The really great thing about this arrangement is that it is the way He wants it.  If I am to please Him, He expects me to give it all to Him. I no longer feel guilty or defeated in my life but I am given peace knowing that He is always there for me to meet the needs that I could never in my self be able to accomplish or solve.  How much better can it get?  What else in life is there that promises me more peace or contentment?