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I Just Want To Serve I Just Want To Sing I know that it’s Impossible I Love You Blessed Lord

I feel that God is directing me to share my work with others. I do not consider what I have done spectacular or a work of art; but, I just want to share what I have accomplished, and to do that, I know no better way than sharing part of myself.  It is somewhat of a revelation how we as God’s children look at our meager efforts to serve Him as very inadequate and unassuming; but, if we are doing His will, He (God) looks at them as gold and precious stones.   I do not know what the future will hold in the light of my endeavors, but I feel His will leading me to share what I feel He has given me.   I have prayerfully asked Him to give me a job to do that will bring praise to His name and give hope and comfort to a lost and dying world.  I will do whatever He asks me to do.  GLH