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There is nothing this world can do that will make me change my mind about what I believe or who I serve; but, even if it could, the truth will always remain what it is, the truth. What I believe is the same as exercising “common sense” and to believe otherwise would cause me to be illogical and foolish. Times may change; beliefs or opinions may become subject to scrutiny; but the truth and realities of life will always remain abiding and constant. Life or death, on or off, true or false, good or bad, every quality or characteristic has its opposite; and there is nothing man can do to change it. You may choose to disagree or to rationalize your beliefs but doing so does not alter what has been established and proven to be honest and truthful. There are no shades of grey or sinful actions that become tolerable in ones service to God and to think otherwise only shows your arrogance and biblical understanding.

In this world all individuals must meet certain qualifications or standards if they are to be considered wealthy or wise. God has also set a righteous standard that we must meet and be willing to follow. The main difference is that in the heart and life of the believer we cannot meet that standard on our own and must rely upon God’s strength and deliverance if we are to persevere. That is not to be considered a weakness as many want to suggest; it is only being realistic, an act of wisdom. Everyone with a life threatening illness looks for a cure and, finding it, willingly accepts and applies what is needed. Are such actions to be considered weak? Would we be considered powerful or wise to refuse the cure and go it on our own? Why is it that so many consider something wise when applying it to physical things and foolish when it comes to spiritual? In truth, many disregard the spiritual as unneeded. They try to separate what God has created inseparable and attempt to make of it something that is unaccountable and self-reliant. Everything in life has a structure and a framework that is there to support or strengthen it. When that framework is removed the structure will fall. Hostility or disregard for the things of God do not increase your standing or make you self-reliant and free. Ignorance is never considered sustainable; nor is foolishness considered wise. What God hath said is to remain reliable and unaltered.  Where is it that man has been given the rule over God or that God has removed His power over man?  Until that time, I choose to remain reliant and faithful; there is no safer place to be.

From the unpublished works of GLH   “Accountability, a need to be Responsible”  My Own Melody, LLC 2016

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