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You cannot hide behind a banner of sheer pretense; the insincerity of your actions will cause you to stumble. The absence of your passion will speak louder than the empty words you have spoken. Telling a lie is more dangerous to its perpetrator than it is to its audience. While only misleading the innocent, it damns the soul of the deliverer.  Sin, no matter how insignificant or small, will tarnish the pure while placing blame on the guilty.  The purest heart is not without oppression; it is the constant foe of the enemy. Evil, to this world, is no stranger; and the vile will not escape the recompense of their sinful deeds. There is no perfection outside the excellence of God; and, without the blood of His Son, Jesus, you will never enter into His paradise.

From the unpublished works of GLH   “Accountability, a need to be Responsible”

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