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Answers from God are not hidden; they are not so complex or difficult that they cannot be understood. Difficulty in life originates from our desire to control, to expect everything to be the way we want it to be. As I pray to God, I ask Him to show me the way He wants things to be. If I am honest and sincere and want Him to work things out, He will do it. It’s just that simple.  With God all of the answers are already there before I ask His intervention. He knows my heart, the troubles I’m in, the difficulties I am experiencing. God must be included in everything I hear, do and say. The only shame that I experience should be the shame I create by not letting Him have full control of everything. I am human, prone to do things that are selfish and sinful. God knows what I’ve done, there’s no way that I can hide or make restitution outside of His wonderful love and grace. Christ paid the price for my sins, past, present and future. As we work together, my faith and strength will grow and those things that were once self-serving and natural become more about my desire to please Him. The true abundance in life is about living in harmony. Harmony is not about the elimination of all problems and difficulties; it is about being able to overcome them when they do arise. The only totally smooth roads I know of are in Heaven; and, until we get there, we need to ask Jesus to take the wheel.


From the unpublished works of GLH   “Accountability, a need to be Responsible”  My Own Melody, LLC 2016
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