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The Power and Penalty of Sin


The wise individual sees things for what they really are, not for what they pretend them to be.  Ignorance is not only the absence of learning, but a refusal to accept things for what they really are. Evil in the sight of the wicked is only something to be desired and achieved. The despicable and the damned are not about compassion and love. The evil heart has no place for God and His eternal truth. The natural man cannot see what God considers righteous; and, in his distaste for the things of God, will not honor or reverence Him. The evil heart will hold no influence over God, it cannot alter or change what God has always been and will always be. The opposite is not the case. God has the power over all evil and can remove or cleanse what was once considered vile and unchangeable. The ungodly can be made holy, but the Godly cannot be made ungodly (1 John 1:9). That is not to say that a child of God cannot sin, but once you become a part of His eternal kingdom, you cannot loose your citizenship (John 3:16).

Sin is what separates us from a loving Savior, but sin has no holding power where the blood has been applied. God will always chastise His child, but until we have been covered by His redeeming blood, we are not one of His.  Every sin has a penalty, some to chastisement and loss of rewards, and some to the damnation and loss of a soul. The difference is the one who is in possession of that soul. Every soul that God does not own will be sent into hell, while every soul covered by His blood will be taken into Heaven. The way that you will gain His protection is by your active participation; and, by accepting His perfect gift. The moment you are born that gift is laid up for you to receive. You must ask for it, it will not be given to you without your approval. When we seek for the essential and the holy, there is only one place to turn. When we seek for forgiveness of our sins, there is only one place we can turn.  Turning to wickedness and the devil will only give us more of what we already have, where do you find an answer or solution there? More of the same is only liberating and desirable when it comes from a forgiving heart. Before we can get into Heaven, we must be justified or cleansed from our sins (Titus 3:5).