My Own Melody

Christian Music With A Message...

True Potential and Excitement are given by God

True potential and excitement are given by God (Matthew 5:6). With God, it’s not like two meeting in the middle; it’s more like meet Him at the beginning. No matter where you meet Him, when you do meet Him, a miracle will begin.

We all control our own destinies; we have been given the power to choose what we will be by choosing who we will serve. The one that we serve will determine what we say, do and where we will go. Our true potentials lay in the magnificent love and power of an all-mighty God. Too many people waste their lives playing the blame game; they never use the potential that God has given them. They squander it all away in their own little world, thinking they have nothing to give, that everything has all been place there for them to occupy and devour. Your true potential is known only by an all-knowing God. The welfare state is not about causing you to gain but about placing you into a position of restriction and servitude. True potential does not flourish when it is under the control of another. In the flesh you are only driven to do one thing, your desires are turned inward and you become selfish and self-serving. Your compassion is changed to evil passion and you are swallowed up by what the Bible calls, the “lust of the flesh” (1 John 2:16). Others become your servants; they are only there to serve you, your desires and your many needs. In serving self there is no joy or can there ever be. A constant need or craving for new things is tiring and inconsistent. We are mortal beings; we need times of renewal and rest (Matthew 11:28-30). Having to carry anything becomes a burden when we have no place to lay it down or have no one to help us carry it. The desire for me me me can never be filled or fulfilled and a tired body will soon become a tired soul.

“Be still and know that I am God” (Psalm 46:10). In this world there is always something provocative and appealing, unlike the blessing of God’s love which is always the same, always there to meet every need. Dependability will always outlast the unreliable. Perception will always over-shadow the blind. We were all created unworthy and unfit. That is not to say that we are flawed, but that we are incomplete.  We are incomplete without the power that God’s love has to enrich and to perfect us. Without exception, the most powerful man in the world will always be the man who worships and praises God.  The most thankful man in the entire world is that man who has reason to be thankful, the man that knows God in all His magnificent power and glory. As we depend upon God, “He shall choose our inheritance for us “(Psalm 47:4).  As we choose to do His bidding, we gain true worth and fellowship. The enemy is always there to cause doubt and dissention, fear and disrespect. The unconcerned individual will listen to the one that speaks the loudest; they will hear the one who says those words they wish to hear. Weak-kneed individuals will always have an excuse, and the lazy will always forget what they have been told.  The warning of a fool will cause indecision and doubt while in the wise it will cause concern and positive action.