My Own Melody

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The Intent and Order of Almighty God


Thinking that everything in life is circumstantial or without an intended order is preposterous; it will only cause us to be haphazard and unorganized. A life without order is a life of confusion, lived without a purpose or unity. Order is what gives life its harmony; harmony is what gives life its coherence. I have often heard it said, “you don’t know it until you try it; you can’t understand until it is made real”. This is a statement that is seemingly telling us the only way to gain knowledge is by reckless, irresponsible actions. Disarray will cause us to delve into those things that should be considered as unprofitable. Experimentation for the purpose of gaining worldly knowledge can in no way be considered prudent or prove its captive wise. There are many things that we can learn from experiencing them but some actions are inadvisable
and should not be considered let alone acted upon. Have you ever heard, “I’ll just take your word for it”?

The mind that is wondering what would happen “if”, is a mind that should first consider whether that action has any real profit or merit. Just feeling good holds no true reason, and while feeling good, it can sometimes draw you into its sin and remorse. God has given man the ability to reason and what God has provided, He has provided for an explicit reason or purpose. Life to God, being important, was not intended for experimentation or squander. If we are being tempted to do those things that are foolish and unadvised, we must consider who is causing us to consider their implementation. Looking at lives that bare the scars and pain of worldly intrigue or fascination should warn us of willingly accepting or possessing those wounds by our own deliberate participation.

As I put my complete trust in God, He will not allow the corruption of this world to destroy me.  This is something that is really deep and I have only recently learned just how substantial it really is. When I allow God to direct my thoughts, He will cause me to dwell upon those things that are good for my spiritual as well as my physical growth and well-being. Face it; God’s wishes for my life are complete and uninterrupted. It is only my inconsistencies that cause His blessings to dwindle. Every action that I perform is not preceded by conscience thought. Many actions are only voluntary or learned. If I am depending upon my own selfish desires to direct my behavior, then my actions will become detrimental and sometimes life threatening. As I allow God to control my desires and I place my trust in Him, He will cause me to do only those things that are virtuous and life sustaining. By allowing God to direct my path, He will give me the benefit of His unequaled wisdom. God’s good judgment is for my healing as well as my supervision. As the Bible states, everything will work together for the good of those that honor Him (Romans 8:28).

As I place myself into His loving hands, He will fill my heart and mind with those things that are needed to sustain and nurture me. God’s plan is complete and life sustaining. If He has a use for me, and He does; why would He allow me to do those things that cause mayhem and death? The Bible says, “He restoreth my soul”; how could His restoring have anything to do with what this world has intended? Circumstance is only God’s way of accomplishing His undeniable will; they can be either pleasant or distressing depending upon what He is attempting to accomplish. Elimination of problems is accomplished by trust and faith in the only One that is in command or control of those problems. I cannot do away with any difficulty or problem no matter its magnitude. Without God’s deliverance I will remain in the very same situation and under the very same dilemma. If I obey Him, my circumstances will be rewarding, while in disobedience I will be made to suffer those difficulties that are intended for my correction. While God’s actions can be predetermined, we must realize that He is only responding to our desire to be loyal or rebellious. Why should this be such a difficult lesson to learn and even more difficult to apply? Allowing God to direct my every thought will in turn insure my every intent or action, you cannot separate the two.  GLH