My Own Melody

Christian Music With A Message...

The Amazing Love of a Gracious, All-powerful God…



There is nothing more certain than God’s promise; there is nothing safer than His loving hands. There is nothing more reassuring than seeing Him at work; there is nothing more joyful than knowing you can be a part of it all. In the love of God we see where all things have there beginning and in that same love we see where they will end. As I go through the day I am forever reminded of God’s goodness and protection. “There is a place of perfect rest near to the heart of God.”  As I rely upon Him, I am brought to that place of perfect rest. Near to the Heart of God we find only those things that are uplifting and holy.

Anything needed to advance the will of God in our lives is a necessity. Sacrifice only brings us into a closer relationship with God so that He will be able to bless. True thankfulness is only felt when God’s blessings are needed, and without our required gratitude, we become thoughtless and undeserving. True freedom can only be achieved when we willingly accept what God has planned for us, and in His marvelous, abundant grace, we can find true joy. The testing of our faith is only there to establish and to build us and without the generosity of God we would all be destitute. How is it that we have garnered faith in our own abilities while we have forgotten the love of an ever-caring God?  What can man provide that did not first come from the hand of God and how do we presume the many things of God to be our sole possessions?  The arrogance of man has brought us unto a place of total depravity and without our repentance and complete submission we will be condemned. God is not someone who just happened along and wants a piece of the action. He is not someone that we can dismiss as unimportant or consider dispensable. The idea that everything will continue on without His divine intervention or that we can go our own way and not be considerate of His will or purpose is not sustainable. “Know ye that the LORD he is God: it is he that hath made us, and not we ourselves; we are his people, and the sheep of his pasture” (Psalms 100:3).

Where do we get the idea that we can call upon God when He is needed, and that He will hear and answer us when we choose to be obstinate and demanding? Truly in the hearts and minds of man the roles have been reversed; we no longer seek to be the kind, compassionate souls we are intended to be. What good is there to be found in a world that is not compassionate and loving?  What positive purpose is achieved by our selfish desire or sinful attitude? Truly God has given His unconditional love to all, but if we are not submissive to His purpose, how can we hope to gain His eternal favor? To live a life without the love of God is not only undesirable it is also not possible. God’s love is what holds this world together; it’s what causes the sun to shine and the rain to fall.  As the earth revolves around the sun, everything that exists in creation also revolves around the Son. You will never be a true achiever without first being a firm believer. To be thoughtless and unforgiving will not take us unto a place of constant achievement and to forget the triumph of a righteous God will not assure us an eternal victory.    GLH