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The True Promise and Reward of Sin…

One of the biggest reasons that so many people reject God is because they do not want to give up the sin that they are so deeply mired in.  They seek to gain happiness and joy by fulfilling the lust of the flesh. Their evil predicament has cause them reprehensible guilt and shame. They have been fooled into believing that sin is the only pleasurable thing that they will have here on this earth. So many of the things that men and women do today are out of their incessant boredom and unobtainable joy, they are without perception and peace. They will try anything just to take away that monotony, even something that will harm themselves and in many instances put their life in jeopardy. First time sins can sometimes be exciting. Experiencing new things, whether they are good or bad, is always a revelation, but so many things become a burden especially when they do not really satisfy and in many cases just cause you doubt and guilt.

Sin has a tendency of hooking onto its victims and not allowing them to rid themselves of its hideous promise of fulfillment. Like the barb on a hook, it will hold on and any attempt to remove it will cause pain and discomfort. So many times it is just easier to give in to the desire to sin than it is to resist. So many times you find yourself doing the same old repulsive deeds over and over again. The excitement has long gone but you find yourself being torn apart, so deep inside,  craving for what has become that passion to fulfill that lust that has you in its control. You have even convinced yourself that you enjoy what you are doing and are doing it for your enjoyment instead of the urgent need to fulfill or satisfy that craving that has you under its restraint.  Your mind has lost all attempts to rationalize your bad behavior and you justify sin instead of confessing it and ridding yourself of it.

Once sin has you in its control it will never let you go; there is nothing that you yourself can do to rid yourself of its hold. Sin is not a promise of happiness; sin is deceptive and will never tell you the truth. Sin’s only intent is to captivate and destroy; it has no friends, it only makes enemies. Sin feels no compassion or regret, its only intent is to conquer and destroy those it has under its control. Unlike its adversary, sin has only the promise of death and final damnation. There can never be any true fulfillment given by sin. Sin will gratify your carnal desires and cause you to repeat its actions over and over thinking that it is the best that you can get.

There is nothing in this world that can ever satisfy or give you true peace. There is no joy outside the atoning blood of Jesus Christ the Holy Lamb of God. Why do you suppose that those things that you once considered pleasurable have become so mundane and unfulfilling? The addict must continually increase the dosage for the intensely sought pleasure to be felt. To feel the pleasures of the senses deadened by sin and the need for constant gratification, a different and more extreme action must be continually sought after and acted upon. Doing those things that are detrimental and harmful does not fulfill life.  Causing yourself pain and remorse can in no way give you those things that are spiritual and rewarding. The true rewards in life can only be found in the eternal goodness of a spotless Lamb. As He has said, He is the way, He is the truth and He is the life, there is no other way but through Him.   GLH     My Own Melody, LLC  2006 – 2016COMMAND