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Sin will be Considered Sin no matter what You Choose to Believe…

Devil Did

There is confidently no negative about Jesus and Heaven, and there are positively no positives about the devil and hell. There are no similarities between the two. That is to say that they are never to be found in complete agreement. The devil is always in blatant opposition, opposing the righteous stand of God. He, the devil cannot and does not make policy; only the Lord God almighty has the power of original thinking or to command His universe. When you view the truth about good and evil as it is listed above, you can see the enormous differences. There can be no sane discussion about the good effects of evil or sin upon humanity. That is why the unsaved generally decline to discuss their dilemma; they have no optimistic points or redeemable supposition. They are miserable and they know it, but in their misery they just want to be left alone.

Jesus said that you would do the works or deeds of your father. In the beginning God was our Father, He was our creator, but out of choice, we chose to follow Satan the devil instead of God. If God would have left it there we would all be condemned, we would be left to dwell in the place of our earthly father, Hell. What kind of rationalization could ever place a man at the point of accepting sin as the best alternative, or of choosing a place as hideous as hell as their eternal abode? An intelligent individual would have little difficulty in making that choice; only a fool would choose to die. The devil who is out to deceive and destroy has enormous power to control, mislead and captivate the minds and hearts of man. The only thing that can break the power of sin is the truth of the Word of God. It is the only thing that has the power to promise, change and maintain God’s eternal forgiveness.

Man has come to a point in life where they are comfortable in their rebellion and disbelief. Believing that in themselves they are good enough, they have dismissed the true necessity and importance of God and His Holy Spirit. They live life as though they are not responsible to Him and His commandments. Jesus and His power to redeem are considered unnecessary. When sin has been reduced to nothing more than a bad choice or negative thought or action, there is no reason or purpose for repentance. To many people today, sin is a relative term. Sin is no longer sin, it is only thought of as improper or inappropriate. In the lives of humanity today, sin does not denote weakness or rebellion but is in essence a word with little or no significance. When you have done away with the idea or belief that you are responsible to a higher power, or in many cases, believe that He does not exist, you can then live any way that you so choose. Just as your responsibility or accountability are thought non-existent, when you omit God, there is nothing left to guide you and any restraining force has been minimized or eliminated. The more you regress, the more dreadful your situation becomes. Jesus is the only answer or solution for man’s dilemma; He is the only solution for sin.

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