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There will always be a Need for God and His active participation…


As we consider abundant living, living life the way God has intended, we should become aware that God is only pleased when we are completely yielded to Him. Having it our way will never truly mix with God’s plan for our lives until they are both one in the same. Understand, it is God who determines what that way will be. God’s way for our lives is truly that place where we are the happiest and being any other place will not bring true contentment. Nature knows who God is; and, as nature is under the control of God so should we allow our desires and aspirations to become. Through nature, we have been given many of the blessings of God; and, like nature, God will bless us when we are under His subjection.

The problem with many is this word subjection; it gives off a negative vibration. This, too, is another one of those too often inconsistencies that we come into contact with as we go through life. Being subject to someone or something is an inescapable circumstance. We all form habits which, by the way, we are subject to. When we sign a contract we become subject to its rules and policies. When we wish to travel we must travel roads that will take us to our chosen destination; we are controlled and guided by them. In truth, being in subjection or under someone’s or something’s control is not of necessity a bad thing; it can be totally necessary and rewarding. Subjection to God insures His protection, deliverance and blessings. I do not believe that I have ever met an individual that was in total refusal of God’s divine sanction. If I did then I met a fool who was not being wise or rational. As the Bible speaks about it, God blesses us all in some way. “That ye may be the children of your Father which is in heaven: for he maketh his sun to rise on the evil and on the good, and sendeth rain on the just and on the unjust” (Matthew 5:45).

To be under God’s subjection and protection is something that is to be desired not scorned. When we look at it from the proper perspective, we see that we all are indebted to God and His marvelous provisions. Thanking Him and allowing Him to guide is a matter of choice and will prove to be our wisest decision and judgment. Being someone that was without a worthy goal or purpose, giving myself to God has made me productive and fulfilled. It has turned my eyes off of this world and placed them upon Him. As we think about God’s excellent treasures, we should not forget His most important blessing and that is dying for us that we may have a way into His eternal presence.

For God to be able to bless, we must be in a place of blessing doing something that is worthy of His blessing. We spend so much of our time in life being out of place and doing what we are not supposed to do. Don’t ever let yourself be heard saying that you are tired of always being told what to do for when doing what you are told to do by God you will be truly blessed. One of the more undesirable things of life is having to recant or take back what we have just said we would never do. If one of our goals in life is that constitutional right of a pursuit of happiness, then the sooner we realize our happiness is contingent upon what God has planned for us, the sooner that dream will be realized. It is unbelievable to many that one can find true happiness in the dark, forbidding jungles of a distant continent; but, when that is what God has planned, then it is not ours to question. Those that have chosen to do God’s will are not fools; their actions speak of their undeniable wisdom.  Somehow, it seems that the true fool is the one that is questioning God’s ability to provide.  In the minds of a materialistic generation, when we speak of God providing our needs, those needs of comfort, joy and fulfillment are also to be recognized. We as individuals need very little to survive, but we cannot survive without God’s intervention. True peace can never be obtained in going in opposition to God. To invite the storm is in no way a means of gaining peace and harmony.    My Own Melody, LLC  2006 – 2016