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The Only Way into Heaven, the Way of the Cross…

think aboutMen today have given their loyalty to this world and its devices. In their fervor they are incensed; they have chosen to rewrite history, to replace it with the ungodly and the profane. Seeking to pervert the truth, they consent to those things that are irreverent and indecent. In their arrogant stupor they have decided their way to be the best; they no more wish to worship or obey God in His omnificence and perfection. Denying reality and the foundation of the past, they seek to rid themselves of all things profitable and endearing. There is no true nourishment in a lie or stability to build upon. To curse or blaspheme is considered expedient. While accepting the unrighteous, they have forgotten God and His command for holy living. Fools playing the part of a fool can only accomplish those things that are pleasant in their own eyes while, in truth, they are undoing their way of escape and deliverance. Captured by the prince of this world, they have fallen from grace; they have become reprobates; they seek no good purpose or end (Romans 1:28).

Given the requirements of obtaining true life in Christ, common sense religion would tell you that the only way to go is the way of the cross. Today it seems that little common sense is being exercised, and many refuse to listen or refuse to look to the way of the cross for their salvation. Does that mean that they do not want to be saved? I think not, I feel that many believe in their hearts that it really isn’t as simple as, “by faith believe and ye shall receive” (Ephesians 2:8). Many assume they will get there their own way; after all, doesn’t everyone want the same things?

In life today it’s too easy to view things from an earthly perspective and forget that God is the One in charge of it all. Many conveniently forget that the One who is in control of it all makes the rules and has set the standard. You wouldn’t go to a royal celebration today by making up your own invitation, so why would you think that you would be allowed entrance into Heaven on your own credentials? God has made it very clear. There is only one way into His Paradise, and that way is through His Son who died upon the cross. He died once because once was all that was needed. God would never ask His Son to die again, just in case or to make sure.  Never doubt, God’s ways are complete and unfailing.

I suppose, if it were necessary for Jesus to die again, that God would choose to destroy the world instead because of the love that He has for His Son. We will never know because the accomplished work of God, in His awesome power, has made the way perfect and sure. If He were to die a second time, what would make it more secure than the first? Once and for all, the way of the cross leads home. God’s act of forgiveness had to be accomplished with one death; one cross. In the garden of Gethsemane, Jesus ask His Father to take the heavy burden of dying for the sins of the world from Him; but, if it were not possible, He would do the will of His Father (Matthew 26:39). His Son willingly died to atone for all the sins of the world, God the Holy Father would never allow admittance into His Heaven by any other way than by His Son. To do so would be a mockery; it would minimize the price that Jesus the Son paid for all our sins. God did not place the love for His creation over the love for His Son; but He allowed His beloved Son to take the atonement for our sins that we, His children, could not bear. We cannot atone for our own sins, but the righteous Son of God was made sin for us so that we would have the possibility of eternal life through His sacrificial death upon the cross (2 Corinthians 5:21). In the ultimate act of love, we can find forgiveness, but we can also see the ultimate act of thanklessness and disrespect by the rejection of those who refuse His loving tenderness.     My Own Melody, LLC  2006 -2016