My Own Melody

Christian Music With A Message...

Now is the Time to Accept Him…

This world, though seemingly noble, has been tarnished by the corruption it has inherited from its inhabitance. The father of lies has perverted everything that is to be considered virtuous,
and there exists nothing that he has not polluted. Satan has taken those things that were once considered respectable and made them a reproach. His intent is to take away all that is virtuous and leave us without hope. How do you gain from deception or how do you find true satisfaction in those things that are immoral? Living for the moment cannot give you any peace and without the love of God how do you expect to gain anything that is lasting? The torment of uncertainty and the inability of obtaining rest do not leave you with a cheerful heart and a righteous spirit. To expect that which is needed or desirable to be a part of what has been corrupted is to expect the unobtainable. Lies are intended to misguide and defraud. Without the truth that only God will provide, you cannot be sure of all that you have been promised. How do you trust the unreliable or why do you place your confidence in those things that are to be considered unsustainable? To be buffeted by the lies of Satan is not a sin but willingly doing those things that are evil will draw you into the pit of Hell. God has made a way for our redemption and without His way becoming ours we will not be victorious. The devolution, or should I say evolution of man, has not evolved as God has intended, and we have only succeeded in placing ourselves in a place of great peril. Lies have wearied us and while disillusioned, the deception of sin has caused us to surrender our intended birthright.

Truly, this world can give us no real peace and without real peace, terror and turmoil will reign.  Where do we gain any true prize or merit by saying that we almost made it or that we caught a glimpse of those things that we hopelessly craved to possess?  How are we appeased by the promise of paradise when we have done nothing to insure its obtainment? Winning God’s eternal prize can only give us true glory when it is held within our hands and felt within our eternal souls. Gaining what is worthy and honorable will demand our struggle and sacrifice, but a life unwilling to fight for its treasures is a life that has no true purpose or goal.  Accepting the ordinary or being satisfied by this world’s idea of prosperity is allowing yourself to be deceived.  Mediocrity is not a way of avoiding reality and the truth will not be sidestepped by simply maintaining your innocence. You will rise or you will fall, the reality of this world will insure your destruction while the truth of God will guarantee your deliverance.

This world is shortly coming to its end; the age of God’s miraculous grace will be no more. Everyone will be called before Him to give an account. There will be no more time to decide whom you will serve or where you will go; you have waited and time has run out. To escape its certainty is to perform the impossible; and, to avoid its righteous mandate is to flee the wrath of God.  Now is the time to accept Him; now is the time to give everything over to Him. He will make good His righteous promises; He will rapture all those who have given their lives to Him.   My Own Melody, LLH  – Vision Graphics, LLH   2006 – 2016