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I have neither the desire or ability to resist temptation, God must give me both. When I am left alone in this world this world entices me to do those things I should not do. I have no strength of my own but must depend upon God as my refuge and strength. I have gone passed many of the hurdles and barriers this world has placed before me, but I have not yet reached my final destination. It is not my goal to be known as someone that is exceptional or renowned, only one that is to be found faithful. In my life, I have seen many things. I have seen the impossible and the inappropriate, I have seen the undesirable and the cherished, I have seen the unwanted and the anticipated, but thru it all, I have seen God at work. Any plan that is made without including God will be a failure. Any attempt to accomplish the impossible without God will come to naught. The success of a devoted father will overwhelm the achievements of a covetous entrepreneur. Going where God is calling you to go and doing what God is calling you to do is for sure the true meaning of triumph. You will never have enough of God’s love until you have it all and you have not given enough until you give everything. God’s love is without measure and we will never be able to feel the entire scope of His matchless grace. Times may be difficult, but it is not time to quit.  While we live by faith, there is no call to surrender.

The matchless power of God can accomplish anything that He wants to accomplish; He has chosen us to do His bidding. He has chosen to use us to accomplish His salvation. We can do nothing unless His power is upon us, but if we are willing to totally surrender all, there is nothing that cannot be achieved. It must be done His way and for His purpose. His way is the way of the cross, the way of love. His purpose is to redeem the world, the way of forgiveness. To force the world aside and to see Him as He really is, is to truly know all that is important, all that is to be desired. What a beautiful picture, what a priceless triumph.

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