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The Necessity and Importance of Experiencing God’s Cleansing…

The time is now. We must learn to trust the Lord, and He will supply our needs.  By meeting our needs He will increase our faith. What does that all mean?  How do I apply it to daily living? Does it really mean that He will literally do what He said he would do?  The more I really get into it, the more I realize that what He said was not just figurative but is deep, down home, realistic. God will never separate Himself from His child; and, when we live as if we are alone, we are only denying ourselves the blessings and comforts of His promise. The more I feel His presence and guidance in my daily life, the more I begin to grow and the wonderful spirit of thankfulness is allowed to bloom. There is so much trash and baggage that we carry through life as our security blanket that, if God is to use us, must first be removed. If He is to be able to use us then He must become our security, not the material things that we so desperately have attached ourselves to. True surrender must contain a genuine desire to become completely controlled by Him, to take on His character and identity. Anything left un-renounced will cause division; and, as the Bible states, a divided house cannot stand. The harsh reality is that He will do what He must to remove the evil and distraction from our lives so He can use us for His eternal purpose.

The evidence of God’s true purpose and persistence was those times I had to experience the fires of God’s cleansing. Those fires consumed all the things that God wanted removed as well as many precious things that I did not want taken away. I have learned that fire has no discretion. As I watched what I thought was everything I owned burning to the ground, it did not take me long to realize that so much of the “stuff” that we carry through life is needless and cumbersome. The true necessities of life are few. It is not only possible to be grateful for little, but it can also be a blessing and a relief. No more frustration wondering where I had placed this or that or the wasting of time in protecting things that really did not have any true value. Evil desires and covetousness in life will become a burden and, in their malicious deceit, will take away or misdirect our time and affection. Lost or misplaced treasures will cause us to grieve; and, while placing our affections upon the world instead of God, we become complainers and useless.

God wants us to know what is important in life, and He wants us to know that He will provide those things that we really need. It is not an idle promise that He will take care of His children. The values of life, family, friends and trust in Him are really all that is important. I have experienced the emotions of anger, resentment, greed, desire, lust, hate and so many more, but none of them ever left me feeling good about myself. To live a life that is free from all those things that are meant to destroy is alluring but placing yourself within the confines of moral living can be somewhat allusive. In most instances, it is not what I choose but what He wills. I can only want to be holy; it is He that can truly make me holy. I can only choose not to sin; it is He that gives me that ability and strength to succeed. This Bible quote comes to mind, “I can do all things through Christ which strengthest me.” Philippians 4:13.

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