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No Bigger Blessing…

There is no bigger blessing in life than that of allowing God to lead. To paint the reality of life as hopeless and our chance for peace as futile is to surrender to the evil will of this world. There is no sweeter comfort than knowing that God is doing everything He has promised to meet our many needs. Having to make choices is not the primary burden of life; refusing to do what is required is what places us in a place of difficulty and discomfort.  It causes us to bear all the responsibility and does not require God to meet any of our needs or to bear any of our burdens. God lovingly positioned Himself in that place of responsibility when He died upon the cross. That is not a place that we, being human, could ever attain. Many have died to obtain freedom from the tyranny of this world, but the freedom from sin could only be obtained by the blood of a spotless Lamb.

Success is not gaining the treasures of an evil world or becoming a part of its deception and devices. Giving in to this world’s demands can in no way give us what is needed. Everything must be properly planned; everything must be taken seriously if we are to succeed. Placing our present day focus on those things that are temporal while allowing this world to consume our life can give us only those things that are insignificant and materialistic. Each day we live we are building what one day will become our eternal destiny. As we allow God to make us what He wants us to be, we will in turn be gaining His true victory.

God is man’s only chance of logic and reason. So many people really do not understand, but so many more just do not want to accept the truth. True judgment must begin with the wisdom of God and end with that same perceived truth. In John 14 when Jesus said that He was the way, it meant that He had everything planned; He had everything under control; He was our only solution. Getting to know God is our only reprieve, and His way is the only way to victory. The love of God is life’s truest constant; and, in that love we will find all that is needed, all that is required. It is impossible to have it both God’s way and to just assume that things will work out no matter what you choose is to fall for the unforeseeable. God has given us a way, and He has made it simple and reasonable. You cannot separate the truth from reality and hope to arrive at a desirable destination. The facts that determine our state of being will in fact take us to that place they are commanded to follow.

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