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God is the Solution to Every Problem, He is the Answer…

We are living in troubled times. Man through his impertinence has created a state of crisis. We have pushed God so far from our consciousness that we cannot see Him as an answer when He is in fact the only solution. What is so difficult with our accepting the truth and allowing God to meet all of our needs?  How do we get ourselves out of the predicaments we have created when our pride and insolence cause us to desire those things that draw us deeper into life’s uncertainty? As we search for an answer, why do we become so helpless when He is the answer to every problem or difficulty? We as a nation have become unwilling to rely upon His goodness and have driven Him from our conscience thought. Reality is the only solution to difficulty and to avoid the truth is only a way of inviting disaster. So many of the problems and difficulties of today seem to be getting out of hand; they have become a dilemma. As you follow those who have been chosen to solve those problems, you are soon to see that no real solutions are ever suggested, it is simply more of the same. Evil has perverted the hearts of the powerful and in their arrogant spirit; they seek to rule by cunning and deceit. Not willing to seek the wisdom and counsel of God, they themselves have been deceived.

As the days progress the evil that is in control is also allowed to increase. We no longer see the spirit of cooperation and brotherhood, but an attitude of self-gratification and belligerence is being practiced. The greedy seek to gain more and those without seek to gain by any means possible. There is no right or wrong, only whatever allows you to obtain your selfish desires. Doing something simply because it is the proper and just thing to do is considered foolishness. Morality is considered only by its cost; men are willing to sell their integrity for a small gain. Governments willingly impose heavy tax burdens upon their citizens in order to gain wealth by fraud and corruption; they bury their subjects under a heavy load of regulation and decree. They speak of sacrifice and public service only to be found self-serving and corrupted. Their arrogance has placed them in a place of servitude and the wish to enslave those they seek to rule. In a world of turmoil and trouble, there will never be any workable answers or solutions save those given by prayer and supplication. Sin has no redeeming purpose; it only seeks to dominate and to bind.

God is the solution to every problem. He is not limited or halted by the foolishness of men and He will not allow the evil of this world to dictate His agenda. This is another thing that I have learned not to doubt or question but to depend upon as I go through the day. First, if we as His children would seek Him and would rely upon His goodness for our daily needs, we would never fall into the pit of want and disobedience. As we live from day to day seeking His will for our daily lives, many of the problems that could possibly occur are not permitted; they are held back by the awesome power of His almighty hand. God wants to give His children the abundant life and I feel that He is saddened when He is not allowed, by their disobedience to do so. We are often told to count our blessings. If we are unwilling to see just how blessed we are, and have really been; we will become unwilling to thank Him for His eternal benefits. Blessings are not only blessings when we can hold them in our hands but also when we can hold them in our hearts. The most important gift or benefit that God has given us is salvation through the precious blood of His only Son, what a marvelous blessing at such an enormous price.     My Own Melody, LLC  2006 – 2016