My Own Melody

Christian Music With A Message...

Everything Good Comes From God


For some time I thought that continually asking God for His blessings or for Him to bless was inconsiderate and greedy. It wasn’t until I was made to see how important and necessary He really is that I had a change of heart. Everything that we have must come from Him and without His amazing promises and His power to provide, we will have nothing. He has told us to ask if we want to receive (Matthew 7:7-8). He is the creator of all things and He never has a shortage or ever lacks the power and ability to provide. He enjoys giving and providing for His children, that is what He is truly all about. God does not bless me because I am deserving and good but because He is deserving and good. He will always give me what is appropriate and needed.  God is never at fault, if I am being held back or punished it is because of something that I have done.  The most precious thing that I have or own is my relationship or association with my Heavenly Father, because out of it everything will flow …everything. Nothing happens that God does not permit and He will use our willingness to build and to bless. I can do all things through Christ but I can do nothing without Him. He makes everything possible.      GLH