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Almost ten years ago, without really knowing a lot about it,  I began composing song lyric on my computer. I knew that my abilities or talent was limited,

but I wanted to do something to tell others about Jesus.  Well that was ten years ago and though I must admit, my ability hasn’t increase that much, I

still have this urge to tell others about God.   believe that I, as a Christian, am responsible for telling this world that Jesus loves them and has given His

life for their sins.  It really doesn’t matter how good I am, I believe that God will reward even the most simple effort; without His blessing I will not accomplish

anything that is truly meaningful. I decided, after many prayers, to make my work available and allow Him to use it any way that He sees fit.

I recently sat up a YouTube account, here are a few of the song titles and their address.  If you are interested, click on them and give a listen, it’s free and it’s

completely up to you.  I pray that you will enjoy my efforts and that you will allow God to speak to you as you listen.  You see, it’s not about me but about Him, He

is the One who has given us the gift of eternal life, but we must be willing to accept Him if we are to be delivered from our sins.   God be with you; I pray that

you will allow Him to speak to you as His Spirit draws you closer unto Him and His unending love.   GLH



Just doing what I need to do

Just see what He can do

Leaning on my blessed Jesus

Let Him be God

Living in His promises

Lord I give myself to thee

May my heart just seek to praise You

More precious than gold

My burden

My eyes no longer dry

My home is set for Heaven

My prayer

My will in life

No going back

Not quite there

Nothing seems right

Nothing to gain

Oh boundless love

One day soon

Only God

Only in your presence

Perfect sacrifice

Theres so much

Thinking of ma ma

This burden I carry

This man called Jesus

This world keep sucking me in

Thy word is a treasure

Turn your light on me

Until my last breathe

Thank you Ma Ma

That would be me that would be Him

The best is yet to come

The eyes of God

The great solution

The hope of any nation

The love of God

The more

The only name

The other side

The price of freedom

The rules have all been broken

The story’s love

The substance of a man

The value of a soul

The world it talks of future

There are times

There is a light

There is no choice

There is no way to fail

There was no way

There’s only one victory


Show me the truth

Show yourself

Smack dab in the middle

So close but yet so far

Somebody needs a song

Somebody loves you

Spending more time

Spending time with Jesus

Storms of doubt

Sunshine in the morning

Sweet Lord

Prepare for rain

Ready right now

I don’t want to go there anymore


For more options, go to my YouTube channel, there are more songs posted there.