My Own Melody

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We Are Always the Problem…

It amazes me how we as individuals are so willing to do those things that this world demands when it is not willing and cannot give to us anything that is lasting or is of true importance. Being obligated to this world holds no true merit, while the selling of your soul will bring God’s judgment. Sin has blinded our eyes to the things of God and has caused us to choose those things that are not profitable. When we consider what God wants to give us, we immediately dismiss it as being too intrusive and demanding. We refuse to accept God’s way because we will have to give up too much of this world’s possibilities and pleasures. Any promise given us by this world is idle at best and in most instances will only prove to be of a much greater cost than we can afford. The things that God has provided for us are not only for our best interest but also are given to us for eternity. With God things do not become problematic and unworkable. We are always the problem and God is the only solution. Satan is always ready to make things in our lives more difficult or cause us to doubt or rebel.  So many times we attribute our problems to circumstance beyond our control when everything is really workable and controllable. When we willingly suggest that there is no reason or solution for our problems, we deny His importance and make things just that much more difficult. Jesus is the solution to every difficulty and problem in life and no matter how hard we try this is one fact we will never change.

In the arrogant passion and foolishness of man, this world is about wealth, power and revelry.  It is the desire of unregenerate man to gain earthly treasures and to be a friend to those that own them. Mans intent will draw him to those places where he should not go and into those associations where he should not socialize. The insightful are drawn to the truth while those that are covetous seek only to gain. This world holds no true wisdom but will lead its inhabitants into recklessness and folly. In the heart and mind of the prudent true wealth is not created by what they do, but by what God has already done. To assume the opposite is not only a fabrication, it is impertinence.  To justify my meager presence at the disavowing of what I know to be truth, only shows my foolishness and arrogance and God will not be silent. Life is the plan and purpose of an awe-inspiring God. If it would not had been for His deep desire to love and to show that love unto all that He has created, I would not be here. It is that simple and it is that direct. There is nothing this world can give me that is worthy of my devotion, and in giving into the passions of an evil civilization; I am only succeeding in sealing my certain fate. That is not a fate that I will learn to love, that is not a fate that I will ever learn to enjoy.

Truly this world has become saturated with the decadence of rebellion and self-indulgence. We have fallen from that place God intended. Our rationale is to allow defeat and conquest; we no more fight but surrender. The solution is to yield, our motive is to indulge. A desire to remain pure is a thing of the past, and we seek to justify all that once was considered as sin. Today we do not just think bad thoughts; we display them out front for all to see. Acting out the vilest of our thoughts and intentions, our ways have become more aggressively evil; we no more seek to do the things of God. We justify our evil actions as entertainment and proudly proclaim our false as worthy of our praise. Evil is considered as beneficial and rewarding, and to deny the truth, we claim everything as justifiable. Living a different lifestyle is considered a means of self-expression, and reputing the things of God we consider as wisdom. Today sin is considered or defined as being denied your personal freedom or right to rebel. It has become man’s number one right or intention, and because if its grave practice, it has become man’s primary enemy, epidemic and malady. In many lives today sin is considered and art and its practice are researched to gain the highest form of enjoyment and satisfaction.

The height of man’s insolence has risen to astronomical proportions while his knowledge of good and righteousness has fallen to the undesirable and detestable. Sin has become so common place it is no more considered as exciting; and, having lost all decency, many delve into deeper more intense forms of depravity. We have reached a point where we consider escaping reality a true means of enjoyment and death to be a welcomed remedy. Liberals, or so-called progressives, seek to justify the profane; in their arrogance they have given in to the ungodly and the damned. Their minds are full of malicious madness and in their inability to reason they see only those things that are convenient and untrustworthy. They refuse to accept sound doctrine and hate all those who preach its truth and good news. Evil passions have become more intense; our shame more acceptable. Society supports its propagation and relies upon its constant evil. The divide between good and bad has become 50 shades of grey, and we no more see its true disparity. Sin has increased, but its opposition has become just as unyielding, its solution has not changed, it is still the same perfection it has always been. The blood of Jesus Christ his Son cleanses from all sin (1 John 1:7).