My Own Melody

Christian Music With A Message...

Music I have written and address to find it.

Over the years God has placed His music within my heart and I would like to share some of it with you. Most of it isn’t fancy or eloquent; but, it is honest and real. I have questioned God many times as to His purpose or intent. Why give me songs or music that I cannot play or sing? There is so much that I didn’t understand, I only knew that my heart was full of His amazing joy and love and that I could not help but express it. I have learned, by trial and error that with God explanations are not requested or needed, if we are to have His blessing upon us, we must obey or do as we are told.

When God has required or requested something from His child, He will be there to comfort and to guide. It is not my job or in my authority to question or doubt what God has ordained is to be; and, no matter how foolish or inadequate I am made to feel, God’s will must be accomplished. “O come, let us sing unto the LORD: let us make a joyful noise to the rock of our salvation. Let us come before his presence with thanksgiving, and make a joyful noise unto him with psalms”(Psalms 95:1-2).

Just a few of the songs I have composed and the you-tube address to find them:  GLH

Thank You Jesus
A Child was Born
A Holy Life
Kiss this world goodbye
Just doing what I need to do
Just see what He can do
Leaning on my blessed Jesus
Let Him be God
Living in His promises
Lord I give myself to thee
May my heart just seek to praise You
More precious than gold
My burden
My eyes no longer dry
My home is set for Heaven
My prayer
My will in life
No going back
Not quite there
Nothing seems right
Nothing to gain
Oh boundless love
One day soon
Only God
Only in your presence
Perfect sacrifice
There’s so much
Thinking of ma ma
This burden I carry
This man called Jesus
This world keep sucking me in
Thy word is a treasure
Turn your light on me
Until my last breathe
Thank you Ma Ma
That would be me that would be Him
The best is yet to come
The eyes of God
The great solution
The hope of any nation
The love of God
The more
The only name
The other side
The price of freedom
The rules have all been broken
The story’s love
The substance of a man
The value of a soul
The world it talks of future
There are times
There is a light
There is no choice
There is no way to fail
There was no way
There’s only one victory
Show me the truth
Show yourself
Smack dab in the middle
So close but yet so far
Somebody needs a song
Somebody loves you
Spending more time
Spending time with Jesus
Storms of doubt
Sunshine in the morning
Sweet Lord
Prepare for rain
Ready right now
I don’t want to go there anymore
It is only you