My Own Melody

Christian Music With A Message...


Favorite titles: It’s hard to choose which one I anticipate and admire the most.


Title or Name often used by close acquaintances, friends, family members.

Friend, Pal, Sir, Brother or Sister


Title or Name often used by Wife.

Sweetheart, Dear, Honey or Hon


Title or Name often used by Children.

Father, Dad, Pops


Title or Name often used by Granddaughters and Grandsons, Grandchildren.

Papa, Gpaw, Grandpa


Title or Name often used by God

Adopted Son, my Child


All titles show respect and love, they are issued as an act of reverence and esteem.  As a friend, husband and family member, I appreciate and enjoy each and every association I am privileged to make and to maintain; but, I must say that my relationship to God is the most important and cherished.  Why, because without God and His amazing love for me, so many of the others would not be as important or in some ways even possible.  The Bible states that every good gift is from above and of all the many gifts I receive, loving relationships must be considered one of the very best.  It is for this reason I thank God for the gift of family and friendship and I pledge to be forever thoughtful and courteous to those that I have the privilege of calling my friends.   GLH  – MYOWN MELODY, LLC