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Depending on God

Recently I wrote a song, I’m depending on you Lord, and as I find myself going through a difficult day, that thought and song is brought to mind.  I know that life will not always be simple and fair, but when I take a really good look at it, I am left over-whelmed and amazed. Knowing myself for the creative person that I am; I have many aspirations and ambitions, but when it comes to what I really accomplish, I fall amazingly short of all that I seek to achieve.

As I have grown older I have given up the desire to pretend or to think myself something I am not, and with each problem or difficulty, I have learned the importance and wisdom of seeking advice and assistance.  Seeing life from a different perspective, I have denied myself those things I thought once were necessary and given my allegiance to what I know is significant and of great value. I seek to no more place all my efforts on gaining those things that are temporal but have substituting them for those things that are eternal.

Oddly enough, I find myself more at peace with myself, my world, but most importantly with my God.  It has become my desire and intent, not to please my own selfish motives but to find true joy and comfort in helping those all around me. That does not make me special or superior; it does not make me better than my peers.  You see, for me to accomplish all that I know God has placed me here to accomplish, I MUST depend upon God. He alone can make me what I need to be and He alone can meet my needs.

G L Hardesty

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