My Own Melody

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As I write it is my intention to bring praise unto God and to tell this world how much He really loves them and wants to be their God.  There really is nothing that I can say that is a new revelation or that hasn’t been repeated a hundred times before.  God’s Word is not new and God has not changed, that is one of the things about Him that is so wonderful, so important.  What I have learned in the past is just as relative and liberating today as it was when I first acquired it many years ago.  What is also true is Satan, the enemy, has not given up and he is just as deadly and just as determined as he has always been.  The true evidence if his presence and his determination are the many wasted hours and opportunities that have been prevalent in my own life and the lives of God’s children.  We didn’t get in the shape that we are in because of our faithfulness and without a realization and a turning back to Him; we will never accomplish the true victory He has for us. The triumph of God is the only thing in life that is worth striving for and to have the satisfaction of knowing that we were being used of Him to accomplish His purpose is our only true glory.

God will not allow His child to be destroyed but that does not mean that we as His children will always remain faithful and useable. We were never put into this world to go our own way and if we allow this world to convince us that our way is the only way, then we will end up being defeated and discomfited.  God speaks of peace and joy He wants to give us but unless we are willing to do what it takes to obtain them, they will never become the central part of our life as He wants them to be.  Problems and difficulties were never part of God’s plan and if they are seemingly what our life is all about, then we should check and see if we have really been striving to honor Him.  It is never wise to doubt or to blame God and if our lives are not what we want them to be then I suggest that we have fallen out of His abundant will.  God’s ways are not mundane or boring; His will is not dull or lifeless.  It is impossible to find joy in life any way but God’s way and without true joy we will never obtain true fellowship with God or our fellow man.

As I depend upon God, each day becomes a blessing and I am made to anticipate what marvels He will accomplish in that day. The excitement or the anticipation of seeing God at work does not leave time for boredom or time to squander. God will place in each day what is necessary and He will see that everything that is needed is not left undone.  To really see God at work or to be used of Him, you must be in that place where He can use you.  Being in the center of God’s will is like having a front row seat; you will never miss any of the action.  God’s will is about the impossible; it is all about miracles. What could ever be more exciting or what could ever be more enjoyable? To be in Gods absolute protection leaves no room for fear and when we are not fearful we become fruitful and useable. The blessings and rewards of God are obtained while we are consecrated and useful.

God’s way is all about togetherness and unity; it is about brotherhood and family.  No matter how selfish the will becomes, the heart is always longing to belong, always wanting to be loved.  When we give ourselves to God, we become a part of His family. In marriage, we are no longer one, we become united, we become what is considered a family.  It was God that created and blessed the union known as the family and it is Satan that is corrupting and distorting what God has made indispensable. To suggest that God considers any union acceptable and will bless any bond as sacred is heresy. The true audacity of arrogance maintains that the will of man is paramount and that God must honor what man has deemed blameless.  God will not be held accountable nor will He be obligated to bless anything that He does not consider holy. To follow the wisdom of man will never be considered wise and to justify what God considers as sin will always be considered foolish and self-destructive. It can be no other way. God’s love gives us His marvelous grace and by His mercy we have been afforded His wonderful gift, the gift of eternal life.

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