My Own Melody

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The Only Way The only way I win is when God wins

He’s the only One that I should let control
If I should not let Him become my master
Then I am only doomed to lose my soul
The only thing in life that’s worth my living
Is doing all those things that give Him praise
Without His guidance and His Holy presence
The life I live are only wasted days
The truth in life is living in the spirit
In His direction we find perfect peace
To go your way is aimless and self-serving
We will not have His joy or perfect rest
Confusion and those things that cause dissension
Have not been given to us by the Lord
If we’re to find the truth about His being
Then we must talk to Him and trust His Word
It’s time to stop be silent and just listen
Don’t let the evil one intrude or sway
If we will find it in our heart to trust Him
Then in His love he’ll lead us all the way
He’ll make it for us seem so very simple
Because He has such little He will say
The only thing that He will ask or tell us
Is that we must now trust Him and obey
No better time than talking to the Savior
Or taking time to share His love and grace
The sweetest time to share or just remember
Is when you took the time to view His face
He will not turn His face from His dear children
Those tears He shed for our despite and sin
Should show us how He loves and really wants us
To listen to His Words and follow Him
The only way to be truly successful
Forget about you will and let Him win
By giving up your pride and selfish spirit
You’ll gain true life and joy that will not end
How can you lose if you trust your Creator?
He made you for His purpose, made you free
So you would choose to love and then befriend Him
A mutual bond of admiration see
Dear friend the only way, let go now trust Him
You will not be displeased or turned away
There is no friend on earth or Heaven like Him
By trusting Him you’ll have a perfect day
He is the only one that can protect you
He is the door to Heaven’s blood bought way
The sacrifice He made was for your rescue
By trusting Him you’ll have His peace today
My Own Melody, LLC  2006 – 2019 (Original verse GLH 2007)