My Own Melody

Christian Music With A Message...



There is no statement more foolish or potentially harmful than the statement, “What you don’t know can not hurt you”.  Its deception is the unwanted prize of the ignorant, and its folly, the pattern of a fool.  Ignorance, or the lack of knowledge, is what the enemy uses to deceive and to enslave. Lies and deceptions are the tools of the wicked one; death and destruction are the wages of sin. Unlike the physical realm, in the spiritual kingdom there is no A: B: C: or D. The only answer or solution is Jesus; He is the one we must accept; He is the one we must follow. The easiest and simplest way to live is to accept what is truth; it is also more constructive and spiritually rewarding. The only undeniable truth pertaining to life is the Holy Word of God; it is the only infallible and most rewarding book ever written. Anyone who rejects the Holy Bible and its teaching also rejects God and His promise of eternal life. The most foolish one on earth is the one who listens but does not hear, the one who looks but refuses to see. When you demand and receive what this world has to give you, it’s WELFARE. When you except and receive what God has to give you, you FARE WELL. You do not show revenge or hatred for the Christian by refusing to accept what is honest and good. The love of God is not diminished by curses and slander. The only one who loses is YOU. All that this world has to give is temporal while what God has to offer is eternal. There is no security like the security of God; there is no peace like His amazing grace. There is nothing more powerful than God’s love, but there is nothing harder then the unrepentant heart. To consider stubbornness a victory is to consider joy a curse. The lost soul will remain lost until it willingly accepts what God alone can give.   GLH MOM,LLC

by GLH.