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My Own Melody, LLL Song titles incomplete

COMPLETE SONG LIST PDF FILES – ALPHABETIZED   Some titles may need editing. List is the most accurate to date 01/29/2013. Some duplicate titles have been renamed.) A A Forgiving God   5__No9.PDF A Holy Life 56__02.PDF A New Name   2__No6.PDF A Child Was Born 41__No12.PDF A Few Small Coins 23__No6.PDF A Fool for Jesus 24__No10.PDF A God Example 22__No9.PDF A Job to Do 31__No7.PDF A Little Bit of Happy 11__No3.PDF A Million Songs 43__No07.PDF A New Direction 12__No3.PDF A Palace or a Stable —– A Piece of Heaven 29__No9.PDF A Place I Can Turn 29__No3.PDF A Solemn Night 20__No7.PDF A Sons [Read More…]