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My Own Melody, LLL Song titles incomplete

COMPLETE SONG LIST PDF FILES – ALPHABETIZED   Some titles may need editing. List is the most accurate to date 01/29/2013. Some duplicate titles have been renamed.)


A Forgiving God   5__No9.PDF

A Holy Life 56__02.PDF

A New Name   2__No6.PDF

A Child Was Born 41__No12.PDF

A Few Small Coins 23__No6.PDF

A Fool for Jesus 24__No10.PDF

A God Example 22__No9.PDF

A Job to Do 31__No7.PDF

A Little Bit of Happy 11__No3.PDF

A Million Songs 43__No07.PDF

A New Direction 12__No3.PDF

A Palace or a Stable —–

A Piece of Heaven 29__No9.PDF

A Place I Can Turn 29__No3.PDF

A Solemn Night 20__No7.PDF

A Sons Prayer 15__No4.PDF

A Spotless Lamb 28__No5.PDF

A World without Compassion  50__No06.PDF

About This World 9__No1.PDF

All about Things   3__No3.PDF

All of You 30__No4.PDF


All that is Needed ——

All The Way   4__No10.PDF

All The Way 53__No05.PDF

Almighty God 42__No11.PDF

America– The Simple Life  12__No4.PDF

America-The Simple Life  12__No4.PDF

Another Day 35__No07.PDF

Another Trial   4__No4.PDF


As A Child   3__No5.PDF

As I Bow 43__No09.PDF

As I Come Before You Jesus   33__No9.PDF

As I Pray   54__No02.PDF

Autographed by Jesus 39__No11.PDF


Bad Choices   2__No9.PDF

Be Thou Exalted 50__No11.PDF

Bent To Service   27__No4.PDF

Bits and Pieces 25__No12.PDF

Bless the Lord 46__No12.PDF

Blessed By a Little Child 28__No4.PDF

Blood Bought Way 32__No2.PDF

Bonds of Mercy 52__No01.PDF

Bruised Battered and Broken 41__No07.PDF

By The Book 6__No7.PDF


Can’t Get Enough 55__05.PDF

Center of Your Will 32__No10.PDF

Center of Your Will 45__No12.PDF

Christ Died for Me_____

Christ in Christmas 19__No11.PDF

Christian Rock & Roll 2__No2.PDF

Christmas Child 19__No12.PDF

Christmas Child 19__No12.PDF

Christmas or Not 20__No4.PDF

Closer Than Your Heart 7__No8.PDF

Come Quickly 35__No08.PDF


Consumed By Sin  5__No3.PDF

Contradiction 15__No11.PDF

Cross On Calvary’s Hill 37__No05.PDF


Day of Reckoning 56__06.PDF

Dear Child of Bethlehem 29__No12.PDF

Dear God I Don’t Believe  28__No8.PDF

Dear God we Praise your Holy Name   36__No11.PDF

Dear Holy God 34__No7.PDF

Dear Lord (We Praise Your Blessed Name)  27__No10.PDF

Dear Lord I Don’t Quite Understand 7__No7.PDF

Dear Lord I must Remember_____

Dear Lord I’m Ready 28__No10.PDF

Dear Lord We Come before You   4__No6.PDF

Dear Lord You Have Blessed Us 5__No2.PDF

Dear Lord You Said the Rocks Would Sing 17__No6.PDF

Dear Lord You Thought Of Everything 10__No8.PDF

Dear Ma Ma    3__No10.PDF


Deep In the Valley 32__No11.PDF

Depending On Others 3__No1.PDF


Devil Get Off My Back 39__No09.PDF

Did You Get the Message 51__No03.PDF


Distractions 43__No06.PDF

Do It For The Little Ones  16__No5.PDF

Do You Have Any Rivers  9__No6a.PDF

Doing It All for Jesus 33__No12.PDF

Don’t Cry For Me 27__No5.PDF

Don’t Leave Me Here 32__No12.PDF

Don’t Look At Me 11__No12.PDF

Drifting In Sorrow 36__No02.PDF

Dying there for me 23__No5 cross. PDF

Dying There For Me 23__No5.PDF


Early Will I Rise 38__No10.PDF

Edge of Eternity 21__No7.PDF

Empty 11__No7.PDF

Even More 42__No03.PDF

Everybody Needs a Savior 26__No12.PDF

Everything Has a Purpose 23__No11.PDF



Faith Not Doubt 27__No8.PDF

Faith Not Fear 10__No3.PDF

Faith to Believe   5__No10.PDF

Faith to Believe 24__No11.PDF


Fleeing Moments 34__No3.PDF

Follow the Leader 17__No11.PDF


For The God That You Are 47__No09.PDF

For Whom You Are 53__No04.PDF

For Your Soul 8__No5.PDF

Foreign Land 36__No06.PDF

Forgive Me Lord 25__No7.PDF

Forgive Me Lord 36__No09.PDF

Forgive Me Lord 47__No07.PDF

Forgiveness 19__No10.PDF

Forward I Will Go 45__No06.PDF

Frailty 53__No11.PDF

Fuel For The Fire 18__No8.PDF


Getting Anxious 7__No4.PDF

Getting It Done   5__No1.PDF

Gift Of Love 33__No3.PDF

Give ‘Em Jesus 8__No6.PDF

Give Me A Song 34__No12.PDF

Give Me A Song 50__No08.PDF

Give Me Faith 34__No10.PDF

Given So Much 50__No12.PDF

Giving My Time to God 39__No01.PDF

Glorify Jesus 1__No2.PDF

Glorious His Name Now Sing 32__No7.PDF

God‘s Only Will 10__No9.PDF

God Deliver Me 50__No02.PDF

God Does Give Me Everything 6__No8.PDF

God Had To Die 15__No2.PDF

God Has Not Forgotten 43__No02.PDF

God Has Told Me 38__No01.PDF

God of Heaven Mighty God 37__No06.PDF

God of Miracles 18__No10.PDF

God Will Provide A Way 47__No03.PDF

God You Are So Wonderful 1__No7.PDF

God’s Gentle Whisper   3__No7.PDF

God’s Hand 1__No9.PDF

God’s Name is Love 52__No11.PDF

God’s Opportunity   3__No8.PDF

God’s Rainbow 8__No8.PDF

God’s Rainbow 8__No8.PDF

God’s Salvation 11__No10.PDF

God So Wonderful_____

Gods Love 17__No8.PDF

Going Soon 22__No3.PDF

Going to Be Ready 54__10

Gone From This Earth 36__No07.PDF

Good Advice   16__No4.PDF

Good Morning God 51__No11.PDF

Good Ole Humble Pie 25__No11.PDF

Got Jesus 34__No11.PDF

Great Things about Heaven 49__No11.PDF

Guide Me 47__No12.PDF



Hallelujah Morning 51__No10.PDF

Hallelujah Way 18__No11.PDF

Hand In Hand 34__No5.PDF

Hands of Jesus 52__No02.PDF

Hangin There For Jesus 38__No02.PDF

Hard To Be a Example 16__No10.PDF

Have Faith Believe 12__No7.PDF

Have You Wondered 6__No1.PDF?

He Can Fix It 33__No11.PDF

He Can Love You More 13__No7.PDF

He Did Something Special 7__No11.PDF

He Died For Me 38__No03.PDF

He Gives Eternal Life 14__No10.PDF

He Has Chosen 43__No04.PDF

He Is God   4__No9.PDF

He Is There   3__No6.PDF

He Loved So Much 21__No8.PDF

He Paid the Price 1__No5.PDF

He Will Answer Me 25__No1.PDF

He Will Do What He Said  41__No10.PDF

He Will Endure 27__No7.PDF

He Will Provide 30__No9.PDF

He’s Coming Soon 7__No5.PDF

He’s More Than Enough   24__No7.PDF

Heaven’s Getting Sweeter 35__No09.PDF

Heavens Door is Standing Open  1__No4.PDF

He’ll Hold Me Up 55__03.PDF

Help Me Lord 42__No12.PDF

Help Me Win 15__No10.PDF

Helpless Child 36__No03.PDF

Hesitate 23__No3.PDF

His Awesome Love 7__No12.PDF

His Name So Sweet 26__No11.PDF

His Perfect Plan 10__No5.PDF

Hold Me Closer 41__No02.PDF

Holy Father 47__No02.PDF

Holy Is the Lamb 56__10.PDF

How Awful Can Hell Be? 9__No8.PDF

How Beautiful the Love of God 22__No12.PDF

How Beautiful the Morning Sunrise 14__No6.PDF

How Can We Lose the Battle 29__No7.PDF

How Do I Thank You? 19__No7.PDF

How Do We Follow? 40__No08.PDF

How Much Are You Willing To Give 43__No05.PDF?

How much Beauty Is Beautiful 12__No9.PDF?


I  Have A Calm 18__No2.PDF

I  Whispered A Prayer 37__No10.PDF

I Am Alpha and Omega 15__No7.PDF

I Am Ready Now To Suffer 45__No01.PDF

I Can’t Do Anything 38__No06.PDF

I Can’t Do Anything without Him 14__No3.PDF

I Can’t Do It 29__No5.PDF

I Can’t Do It Alone Lord 38__No08.PDF

I Can Never Be Worthy 55__10.PDF

I Can’t Walk the Path 36__No12.PDF

I Could Never Say No 25__No8.PDF

I Did Something Right 12__No6.PDF

I Do the Best I Can 13__No10.PDF

I Don’t Ask Him 39__No12.PDF

I Don’t Believe 36__No08.PDF

I Don’t Have an Answer 27__No6.PDF

I Don’t Know What I would Do 28__No12.PDF

I Don’t Know What I’d Do 47__No06.PDF

I Don’t Live There Anymore 29__No4.PDF

I Don’t Need Anything But Jesus  21__No11.PDF

I Don’t Need a Reason 55__02.PDF

I Don’t Understand 44__No09.PDF

I Don’t Want A Million Dollars  33__No1.PDF

I Don’t Want to Lose 35__No05.PDF

I Don’t Write the Songs 42__No07.PDF

I Feel a Cause of Urgency 9__No2.PDF

I Feel Humility   20__No12.PDF

I Had So Much 44__No11.PDF

I Have a Plan 38__No04.PDF

I Have No Song 55__07.PDF

I Just Need To Know 44__No08.PDF

I Just Want To Be 51__No07.PDF

I Just Want To Serve 39__No07.PDF

I Just Want To Serve 42__No02.PDF

I Know 52__No12.PDF

I Know That I’m Alive 16_No1.PDF

I know that it’s Impossible 54__04

I Know that Jesus Cares 47__No01.PDF

I Love You Blessed Lord 48__No12.PDF

If it isn’t From the Heart 56__08.PFD

I’m Depending on You 56__03.PDF

I Need Only Serve 33__No6.PDF

I Need To Be There 8__No3.PDF

I Need You   4__No2.PDF

I Need You 44__No04.PDF

I Never Want To Be Ashamed 20__No1.PDF

I Never Win 55__04.PDF

I Pray That I Am Ready 34__No8.PDF

I Say I’ll make it 46__No09.PDF

I Say That I’m A Christian 49__No05.PDF

I Should Have Died 45__No09.PDF

I Sing For Joy 12__No12.PDF

I Talk To Him 42__No09.PDF

I Thank You 17__No1.PDF

I Walked Up Calvary   4__No8.PDF

I Want More 46__No11.PDF

I Want To Be A Blessing 31__No12.PDF

I Want To Give Him Something 10__No12.PDF

I Want To Send Your Word 22__No5.PDF

I Want To Share You   15__No3.PDF

I Want To Share You 15__No3.PDF

I Want To Sing To You 9__No9.PDF

I Will Honor Christmas 20__No10.PDF

I Will Never Forsake Him   28__No9.PDF

I Will Praise You Forever  44__No07.PDF

I’d Be Lost (Without My Jesus)  28__No1.PDF

I’d Really Feel Alone 22_No10.PDF

I’ll Not Be Satisfied 49__No07.PDF

I’m All about Jesus 28__No6.PDF

I’m Given Victory 32__No9.PDF

I’m Going Home 48__No09.PDF

I’M HAPPY 38__No09.PDF

I’m So Unworthy 15__No1.PDF

I’m Unworthy of Your Love 24__No2.PDF

It’s Never Gona Happen 56__12.PDF

I’ve Been Talking (with my Jesus)  27_No12.PDF

I’ve done So Much 29__No11.PDF

I’ve Fallen Short 43__No03.PDF

I’ve fought the Fight 31__No11.PDF

I’ve Got All bases Covered 10__No6.PDF

I’ve lived So long 13__No5.PDF

If God Is Who He Says He Is  31__No3.PDF

If I Am To Live 45__No11.PDF

If I Can’t Do It 19__No8.PDF

If I Could 34__No9.PDF

If I Could Write   6__No6.PDF

If Jesus Is Not God 15__No9.PDF

If Nothing’s Happening In Your Life  17_No5.PDF

If You Think 17__No9.PDF

If Your Heart’s Not In It  44__No05.PDF

In God We Trust 34__No2.PDF

In God We Trust 34__No2.PDF

In God’s Own Time 21__No6.PDF

In My Mind 21__No12.PDF

In The Blinking Of An Eye  26__No5.PDF

In The Middle of the Night 51__No01.PDF

In The Quiet Of The Moment  26__No2.PDF

In The Wee Hours 19__No3.PDF

In The Wee Hours 19__No3.PDF

In Your Time 42__No05.PDF

Is There Something There Is Someone? 18__No5.PDF

It All Begin With Me 50__No09.PDF

It Always Come From Him 44__No03.PDF

It Doesn’t Matter 45__No10.PDF

It Hasn’t Been Easy 2__No5.PDF

It Has To Be God 54__08

It Is Finished 14__No2.PDF

It Isn’t Easy 30_No8.PDF

It Takes the Blood 32__No8.PDF

It Was Because Of Love   5__No6.PDF

It Was Not Your Plan 10__No7.PDF

It Will Be Over Soon 27__No9.PDF

It’s A Weary Road I Travel 14__No4.PDF

It’s All About Jesus 18__No3.PDF

It’s All God 18__No12.PDF

It’s Gona Be Good 27__No11.PDF

Its Impossible 48__No04.PDF

It’s In Your Hands 44__No12.PDF

It’s Never What I Want 36__No10.PDF

It’s No longer I 46__No10.PDF

It’s Not about Feeling Good 49__No03.PDF

It’s not About Me   3__No4.PDF

It’s not for Me 30__No12.PDF

It’s Not What I Can’t Do 28__No2.PDF

It’s Up To Him 19__No4.PDF

It’s you 41__No09.PDF

I’ve Been Called to serve 55__01.PDF


Jesus the Only Hope  2__No4.PDF

Jesus What a Precious Lover  37__No04.PDFv

Just Doing What I Need to Do 54_05

Just Enough Always Enough  28__No11.PDF

Just Like Their Father 21__No5.PDF

Just One More 54__11

Just One Song 45__No04.PDF

Just See What He Can Do 30__No1.PDF

Just Something I Don’t Want To Miss 16__No8.PDF


Kiss This World Goodbye 7__No10.PDF


Laying Up Treasures 31__No6.PDF

Lead Me 55__06.PDF

Lead Me Lord 42__No06.PDF

Learn To Pray 11__No5.PDF

Let Him Be God 24__No9.PDF

Let This Be My Witness 46__No03.PDF

Life Can Be So Easy   4__No7.PDF

Life Just Keep Getting Gooder 23__No12.PDF

Life’s Greatest Treasure 1__No10.PDF

Life’s So Uncertain 17__No10.PDF

Limited by the Truth 11__No6.PDF


Live In the Present 29__No10.PDF

Living In His Promises   26__No10.PDF

Living In the Faith 36__No05.PDF

Look Beyond 12__No8.PDF

Lord, Help Me Bear It 23__No2.PDF

Lord Give My Life a Reason 31__No4.PDF

Lord I want to Give You Everything 55__12.PDF

Lord I give myself to Thee 55__11.PDF

Lord I want To Be Holy 40__No01.PDF

Lord Jesus 40__No12.PDF

Love Became the Song 55__08.PDF

Love Did It for Me 24__No6.PDF

Love Divided 39__No05.PDF

Love from Heaven 21__No10.PDF

Love Me Forever 39__No02.PDF

Loving Daughter   25__No10.PDF

Loving You 46__No02.PDF

Lust For Wealth 21__No3.PDF


Make Me Break Me  49__No02.PDF

Make Me a Servant 51__No06.PDF

Making a Difference 2__No1.PDF

Mama Showed Me How 22__No2.PDF

Many People Think Me A Fool 10__No10.PDF

Many People Think They’re Special   3__No9.PDF

May I Want To Thank You  42__No10.PDF

May In This Day 44__No10.PDF

May My Heart Just Seek To Praise You 31__No8.PDF

May You Forgive? 7__No6.PDF

May Your Will Be Done 35__No06.PDF

May Your Will Be Done 39__No03.PDF

Meet My Every Need 51__No04.PDF

Meet My Every Need 51__No04.PDF

Mighty God 38__No12.PDF


Missing the Mark 1__No8.PDF

More of You 41__No11.PDF

More Precious than Gold 29__No2.PDF

More Precious than Silver and Gold  39__No08.PDF

Most People Don’t Think About Heaven 5__No12.PDF

My Best Friend 14__No12.PDF

My Best Friend (woman) 14__No12 woman.PDF

My Burden 53__No02.PDF

My Eyes No Longer Dry 29__No1.PDF

My Eyes No Longer Dry 29_No1.PDF

My Fondest Wish 48__No01.PDF

My Heart Is Singing 17__No3.PDF

My Heart Wants to Praise You 56__07.PDF

My Home Is Set For Heaven 32__No3.PDF

My Home Is Set For Heaven 32__No3.PDF

My Prayer 18__No7.PDF

My Prayer 31__No9.PDF

My Will in Life 56__09.PDF


Never Hopeless 15__No8.PDF

No Better Love 33__No8.PDF

No Cause to Doubt 7__No9.PDF

No Going Back 53__No01.PDF

No Guarantee 13__No2.PDF

No One 18__No4.PDF

No Turning Back   5__No4.PDF

Not Left Behind 14__No11.PDF

Not Any More, Not Any Less 14__No8.PDF

Not Enough Thank You’s  43__No08.PDF

Not Good Enough 15__No6.PDF

Not Only For the Moment 47__No08.PDF

Not the Riches 25__No9.PDF

Not Quite There 54__09


Nothing Better 33__No5.PDF

Nothing Really Matters 51__No05.PDF

Nothing Sweeter 50__No01.PDF

Now Everything’s A Song  10__No11.PDF

Now I’m Responsible 37__No12.PDF

Now Is Not Soon Enough 44__No06.PDF


O Holy Night 20__No13.PDF

Oh Boundless Love 10__No1.PDF

Oh What You’ve Done 23__No7.PDF

One Day Closer 22__No7.PDF

One Day Soon  8__No2.PDF

One In The Same 15__No5.PDF\One Million Souls 5__No8.PDF

One Thing That Can’t Be Taken Away   45__No07.PDF

Only Love 38__No11.PDF

Only Once To Die 50__No07.PDF

Only Power to Save 46__No05.PDF

Open Up My Heart 9__No3.PDF


Passion for the Right Reason 11__No9.PDF

Peace in Your Life 18__No1.PDF

Placed In the Hands of Jesus 35__No04.PDF

Please Lord  48__No02.PDF

Power Belongeth To the Lord 49__No06.PDF

Praise and Honor 27__No1.PDF

Pray For One Another 26__No3.PDF

Precious Hands 39__No06.PDF

Precious One 2__No3.PDF

Prepare For Rain 48__No05.PDF


Put God First 35__No03.PDF

Put Your Mind on Him 31__No5.PDF


Quiet the Spirit 46__No07.PDF


Reaching Out To You 47__No05.PDF

Reality of Life 16__No7.PDF

Road to Glory Land 24__No5.PDF

Room for Sinners 38__No05.PDF

Rugged Tree 39__No10.PDF


S I N 50__No03.PDF

Saving Faith 35__No10.PDF

Searching 30__No11.PDF

Sheltered From the Storm 34__No1.PDF

Show Me the Truth 51__No09.PDF

Show Yourself 53__No06.PDF

Show Yourself to Me 49__No08.PDF

Singing for Jesus 50__No04.PDF

Smack Dab in the Middle 30__No10.PDF

So Close But Yet So Far 30__No2.PDF

So Much Love 13__No4.PDF

So Sweetly 37__No03.PDF

So Wonderful 31__No1.PDF

Somebody Needs a Song 28__No7.PDF

Someone Loves You 23__No4.PDF

Someone Paid a Price 8__No1.PDF

Something for Myself 14__No1.PDF

Something Worth Of Praise 36__No04.PDF

Sometimes I Get Discouraged 15__No12.PDF

Speak To Me Lord 35__No01.PDF

Speak To Me Lord 39__No04.PDF

Speck of Dust 20__No9.PDF

Spending More Time 26__No6.PDF

Spending time With Jesus 32__No4.PDF

Spotless Lamb of Calvary 56__05.PDF

Standing In the Middle 16__No11.PDF

Standing On Solid Ground 40__No11.PDF

Standing Too Close 40__No03.PDF

Staying Faithful 41__No04.PDF

Storms of Doubt 25__No3.PDF

Sweet Abundant Grace 30__No6.PDF

Sweet Holy Jesus 47__No11.PDF

Sweet Lord 54__07

Sweet Surrender 20__No5.PDF


Take A Stand   6__No4.PDF

Take It All 25__No2.PDF

Take My Life and Use Me Jesus 13__No12.PDF

Tears of Joy 40__No09.PDF

Thank and Praise You Jesus 8__No7.PDF

Thank God the Past Is Gone 19__No2.PDF

Thank You for My Blessings 19__No9.PDF

Thank You Jesus 1__No3.PDF

Thank You Jesus 26__No1.PDF

Thank You Lord 19__No1.PDF

Thank You Lord 19_No1.PDF

Thank You Ma Ma   3__No11.PDF

Thanks and Praise 7__No1.PDF

Thanks Be To God   1__No6.PDF

Thanksgiving Day Everyday 4__No12.PDF

That Great Day 10__No4.PDF

That Would Be Me That Would Be Him  14__No9.PDF

The Answer 20__No3.PDF

The Baby   4__No1.PDF

The Best 22__No4.PDF

The Best This World Can Offer 43__No10.PDF

The Bottle Can’t Be Empty 11__No1.PDF

The Christmas Story   6__No3.PDF

The Color of a Man 8__No10.PDF

The Cross 14__No5.PDF

The Days They Go So Fast 49__No10.PDF

The Devil Doesn’t Want It Done 27__No3.PDF

The Devil Got the Best of Me 25__No5.PDF

The Devil Made Me Doubt 23__No1.PDF

The Devil Won’t Give You Anything 6__No9.PDF

The Devil’s Plan 12__No10.PDF

The Easy Way Will Be the Hardest 16__No9.PDF

The Eyes of God 9__No11.PDF

The Great Solution 26__No7.PDF

The Hardest Job 49__No01.PDF

The Hope of Any Nation 16__No6.PDF

The Longer I Live 20__No11.PDF

The Lord Has My Attention 12__No2.PDF

The Lord Is Near 13__No1.PDF

The Mark of a Man 1__No11.PDF

The More 29__No6.PDF

The More I Live 12__No11.PDF

The More I Try 8__No4.PDF

The Most Important Thing 11__No2.PDF

The Old Songs 3__No2.PDF

The Only Hope 40__No10.PDF

The Only Name 32__No1.PDF

The Only Thing That Is For Sure 13__No3.PDF

The Only Way 14__No7.PDF

The Only Way 31__No2.PDF

The Only Way 52__No03.PDF

The Other Side 30__No3.PDF

The Place I want to be 33__No7.PDF

The Price of Freedom 13__No8.PDF

The Price That You Will Pay 22__No11.PDF

The Puzzle of Life 22__No6.PDF

The Rain Must Fall 20__No8.PDF

The Real Me 6__No11.PDF

The Richest Person 9__No7.PDF

The Right Thing 10__No2.PDF

The Saddest Thing 21__No2.PDF

The Snow Is Falling 28__No3.PDF

The Story’s Love 9__No10.PDF

The Strongest Has a Weakness 2__No8.PDF

The Substance of a Man 26__No8.PDF

The Time Is Growing Short 21__No1.PDF The Truth of All 38__No07.PDF

The Truth of Who You Are 43__No11.PDF

The Value of a Soul 23__No9.PDF

The View on Earth 6__No10.PDF

The Way to Go   5__No11.PDF

The World It Talks of Future 19__No6.PDF

The World Says 49__No04.PDF

There Are Many 41__No03.PDF

There Is a Light 26__No9.PDF

There Is a Price 5__No7.PDF

There Is No Choice 55__09.PDF

There Is No Greater Love 21__No9.PDF

There Is No Way to Fail 26__No4.PDF

There is Nothing Quite like it 2__No7.PDF

There is One Thing 43__No12.PDF

There Must Be a Reason 7__No2.PDF

There’s A Reason 36__No01.PDF

There’s Nothing There 12__No5.PDF

They Can’t Take It Away 29__No8.PDF

Thinking Of Ma Ma  18__No9.PDF

This Burden I Carry 54__01

This Man Called Jesus 54__No6.PDF

This World Can Not Be Heaven to Me 13__No9.PDF

This World Keeps Sucking Me in 17__No2.PDF

Those Hands 8__No9.PDF

Thy Will Oh God I Pray   4__No3.PDF

Thy Word is a Treasure 51__No12.PDF

Time of Weakness 24__No1.PDF

Time to Play 17__No12.PDF

Times Are Changing 2__No10.PDF

To Be Like You 16__No2.PDF

To Know Him More 27__No2.PDF

To Lift You up 56__11.PDF

Too Many People 9__No4.PDF

Totally Consumed By You   5__No5.PDF

Trials of Life 22__No8.PDF

Triumphant Return   4__No5.PDF

True Joy in Life 9__No5.PDF

True Life He Gave 46__No04.PDF

True Reason 7__No3.PDF

Truly 48__No10.PDF

Truly Lord 47__No10.PDF

Truly We Love You 48__No06.PDF


Truth and Mercy 37__No08.PDF

Turn Your Light on Me 43__No01.PDF

Two Sides To It All 6__No5.PDF


Until My Last Breath 41__No08.PDF

Until Something Better Comes Along 40__No07.PDF

Until You Lay It down 20__No6.PDF

Upside Down For Jesus 25__No4.PDF

Use Me Lord 22__No1.PDF

Use Me Lord 45__No02.PDF

Used Of You 33__No4.PDF


Virtues 13__No11.PDF


Wait Upon the Lord 25__No6.PDF

Wasted Time 42__No08.PDF

We All Need Someone 45__No05.PDF

We Must Labor 37__No09.PDF

What Can I Say   16__No3.PDF

What Can This World Be Thinking 16__No12.PDF

What Do I Have To Offer? 32__No5.PDF

What Have I Chosen? 23__No10.PDF

What Have You Done for Me? 51__No02.PDF

What in Life 17__No4.PDF

What Is This World About? 48__No11.PDF

What Is Truly Beautiful 34__No6.PDF?

What True Love is All About 35__No12.PDF?

What We Need Is You 35__No11.PDF

What Will He Say 8__No11.PDF

When God Is Ready 44__No02.PDF

When I Am Nothing 40__No05.PDF

When I Met Jesus There 32__No6.PDF

When In Doubt 48__No07.PDF

When it’s Time To Go 2__No11.PDF

When it’s Time to Pray 8__No12.PDF

When You Come Into View 2__No12.PDF

Where Do We Go From Here? 40__No06.PDF

Who Am I? 33__No2.PDF

Who Am I? 9__No12.PDF

Why Do We Doubt?  11__No8.PDF

Why in Life? 11__No11.PDF

Why Is It?  17__No7.PDF

Why Is It Some Are Rich yet Poor 6__No2.PDF

Willingly Gave His All 23__No8.PDF

Winning Combination 45__No08.PDF

Without God   4__No11.PDF

Without Him 31__No10.PDF

Without Jesus 24__No3.PDF

Without My Jesus 30__No7.PDF

Without You 37__No02.PDF

Without You 41__No05.PDF

Words of Doubt 53__No03.PDF

World of Trouble 18__No6.PDF

Worthy of You 41__No06.PDF

Worthless 54__12


Yesterday Today and Tomorrow 20__No2.PDF

You Are an Awesome God 37__No01.PDF

You Are God 46__No08.PDF

You Are Not a Christian 11__No4.PDF

You Are So Good 45__No03.PDF

You are The Only Way 42__No04.PDF

You Can’t Do More for Jesus 19__No5.PDF

You Can’t Get Around It 12__No1.PDF

You Don’t Decide 30__No5.PDF

You Have Died 44__No01.PDF

You Have Held Me So Close 40__No02.PDF

You Have the Power 54__03

You Know My Heart 42__No01.PDF

You Make Life Beautiful 56__01.PDF

You Must Lead 49__No09.PDF

You’ve Given Me a Song 48__No08.PDF

Your Mercy Saved the Day 21__No4.PDF

You’re Will 46__No06.PDF

Your will be done 33__No10.PDF




 Song List CD 57

 I’m Depending On Jesus

There’s So Much

I just take (what God has given)

It’s All or Nothing

You Are the Only

I Will Love You Forever

I Don’t Want To Be a Burden

I Pray to Jesus

I Don’t Want To Go There

I Don’t Know

It’s Up To Him

I’m Unworthy

 Song List CD 58


What Can I Give

I need Your Loving Lord

The Rules Have All Been Broken

Dear Lord I must Remember

The Best is yet to come

All That Is Needed

There Was No Way

A Palace or a Stable

If God Don’t Keep His Word

Leaning on my blessed Jesus

I Want To Praise You

 Song Titles Disk 59

 Ready Right Now

Holy Father God of Mercy

There’s Only One Victory

The love of God

If God Doesn’t Bless

What a Beautiful Thought

Nothing to Gain

Isn’t That Why You Died


Never Had it Easy

Isn’t It Interesting

Song List CD 60

 Lord You Owe me Nothing

Sunshine in the Morning

I Can’t Imagine

Nothing Seems Right

What Do I Have to Worry

Within Your Strength

Only God

I Choose Jesus

I Just Want To Sing

Who Am I

Love Goes Beyond

Song List CD 61

 It was all about Love

It Will Be Better

We Sing Glory

You Don’t Have to Go

Perfect Sacrifice


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