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God’s Undeniable Gift. chapter six

God’s Undeniable Gift. Having given my whole life unto my blessed Savior, I find it fitting that I now share His goodness and long-suffering with those who want to hear. There is nothing I could ever do to gain His favor or return to Him a portion of what He has willingly given me. With His assistance, I would like to tell the world what He is to me and stress the importance of having Him as the Savior of my soul. In a lost and dying world, He can be the only answer, and before He takes me to [Read More…]

Introduction: My Intent or Purpose. Chapter five

The intent of this book is twofold. One is to show the marvelous power of a gracious God by allowing Him to work through my life to accomplish far more than I could ever accomplish on my own. What has happened in my life is nothing more than a miracle of God, and for me to claim any of the credit would for sure be unjust. Many have talked of hidden talents or the ability of doing those things that seem foreign or unlikely, but for whatever the reason, I have seen my life go in a way that I [Read More…]

Preface. Choosing the Abundant Life by glh

It hasn’t always been that I cared for humanity and that I sincerely wanted to do something to improve it. I have lived an eventful life, but in the past years, I have seen things that I loved and admired go by the wayside. I have always been somewhat of a skeptic and have been led to believe that society is on a quick course to destruction. That causes me great concern, because of my children and grandchildren, and the potential that they will not have the same freedoms and opportunities that I have so wondrously had. Each day, I [Read More…]

Acknowledgments. Choosing the Abundant Life by glh

I would like to thank my wife Karen and daughter Heather, for their technical assistance in the writing of this manuscript. It would have been impossible to accomplish without their loving support. I would also like to thank the many who prayed for me and offered me their honest and unwavering support. Their uplifting words gave me cause to carry on.   Finally, I would like to express my admiration and gratitude to all those who, by the surrender of their lives, have enriched my life and the lives of countless others. They have made this world a better place [Read More…]

Table of Contents: Choosing the Abundant Life by glh

Table of Contents: 001 Chapter one, Dedication: page 5: 002 Chapter two, Acknowledgments: page 7: 003 Chapter three, Table of Contents: page 9 003 Chapter three, Preface: page 11: 004 Chapter four, Introduction: My Intent or Purpose: page 17: 005 Chapter five, God’s Undeniable Gift: page 21: 006 Chapter six, The Ever-Abiding Truth of God: page 27: 007 Chapter seven, God’s Ultimate Gift: Sacrificial Love: page 55: 008 Chapter eight, My Credibility for Writing: page 65: 009 Chapter nine, The Purpose-Driven Life: page 75: 010 Chapter ten, The True Purpose of Life: page 85: 011 Chapter eleven, God, the True [Read More…]

Dedication. Choosing the Abundant Life … by glh – chapter one

Dedication. While this book was written to thank God for His unending grace, if it were not for my mother, I would not have known Him in the loving way that I did. She was truly in love with her Lord. She spent every day of her life thanking Him for all that He had given her. To be told of her worldly possessions, you would have considered her extremely poor, but she had a spirit about her that overlooked her earthly poverty and found true riches in the One that she openly revered. There have been few like her, [Read More…]


COMPLETE SONG LIST PDF F6ILES – ALPHABETIZED   (Some titles may need editing. List is the most accurate to date 01/29/2013. Some duplicate titles have been renamed.)   A A Forgiving God   5__No9.PDF A Holy Life 56__02.PDF A New Name   2__No6.PDF A Child Was Born 41__No12.PDF A Few Small Coins 23__No6.PDF A Fool For Jesus 24__No10.PDF A God Example 22__No9.PDF A Job To Do 31__No7.PDF A Little Bit of Happy 11__No3.PDF A Million Songs 43__No07.PDF A New Direction 12__No3.PDF A Piece Of Heaven 29__No9.PDF A Place I Can Turn 29__No3.PDF A Solemn Night 20__No7.PDF A Sons Prayer 15__No4.PDF A Spotless [Read More…]


CHALLENGE PAGE: Let me begin by saying, as I begin, my mind is filled with a thousand questions, number one, what am I doing this for?  I do not find this to be the norm for me. Lately I have been questioning myself as to whether the norm is really good enough for me, and that, with the help of an almighty God, I cannot, willingly, step out of my comfort zone and strive to do better.  I know that in myself that would never be done because, as with most people, I have conveniently excused myself from getting involved [Read More…]

About me…

About me … I am a dreamer, a man of many dreams; a man who seeks to follow after the one, the only one, who can give those things that can truly satisfy.  I see the splendor of this world, and I sit and wonder what does it have for me? Knowing that everything is material and temporal, what does it truly offer me?  Can it satisfy my longing spirit and give me those things that are truly necessary …truly needed. Living for the moment is only a fantasy, a feeble desire to mask the emptiness and the pain.  It [Read More…]

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