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About me…

About me …

I am a dreamer, a man of many dreams; a man who seeks to follow after the one, the only one, who can give those things that can truly satisfy.  I see the splendor of this world, and I sit and wonder what does it have for me? Knowing that everything is material and temporal, what does it truly offer me?  Can it satisfy my longing spirit and give me those things that are truly necessary …truly needed.

Living for the moment is only a fantasy, a feeble desire to mask the emptiness and the pain.  It can give me temporary satisfaction or pleasure but it has never been able to answer those deep cravings of my heart. My natural desire is to experience all the devilish passions of my lustful heart. What are they but only there for me to indulge and to revel?  Am I to believe that there are in reality no true answers or solutions to life’s difficulties and problems? Am I to accept and experience the solutions that impotent man has suggested are honest and good? How is it that the weakness of man can cause himself much difficulty and pain and in that same weakness he finds wisdom and strength to rid himself of all his difficulty and pain? Is he to be both the problem and the solution? Can he rid himself of that sin that his arrogance has placed him into? Does he seek pain to obtain a cure or does he revel hoping to be relieved of his misery?  Where do we find solutions in the carnality of our deluded spirit, or how do we find joy in the things that are unholy? To seek solutions that do not exist or to suggest that answers are found in senseless folly can only prove us mad.

The world resists the solution given us by our Creator; but, in doing so, it has taken away our only chance of true success, our only chance of total victory. Wanting to be free while our selfish desires captivate and restrain us can only place us in a state of hopeless confinement. What is truly necessary? What is truly needed? Do we give up the noble and the pure for the carnal and the damned? Is there any good found in the wicked, any truth found in a lie?

The world wants us to believe that it has the only answers, that it is the solution to our dilemma.  It has put us in that place of total despair, not wanting us to know the true comfort of our loving Lord.  Life is a reality but so are peace and happiness. When you are alleviated from despair you become happy and joyful. When you gain the knowledge that freedom is found in the love of your Creator, you know how much He truly loves you. Why do we resist all that God has provided?  Why do we consider Him to be cold and cruel when He is loving and kind?

The simplicity of living is found in our acceptance of those things that have been proven to be both honest and good.  We find true comfort and fulfillment in the words of Jesus, “Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest” Matthew 11:28.  When will we find it profitable to accept Him for who and what He is; the worker of miracles, the Savior of this world.

I am a dreamer. My highest dream is to one day see Him in all His majesty and glory; but not only that, to also be a part of what He has given to all those who believe upon His holy name. What better dream is there to dream; what better hope is there to gain? The satisfaction found in this world is only a morsel when compared to the complete victory found in the awesome presence of our liberating God. He is all we need to succeed. He is all we need to be found triumphant.  In Him we find true joy in the present; true victory for our weary souls. He is all that is needed. His truth is necessary if we are to gain His eternal rest.  Thank You Jesus.  GLH