My Own Melody

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Introduction: My Intent or Purpose. Chapter five

The intent of this book is twofold. One is to show the marvelous power of a gracious God by allowing Him to work through my life to accomplish far more than I could ever accomplish on my own. What has happened in my life is nothing more than a miracle of God, and for me to claim any of the credit would for sure be unjust. Many have talked of hidden talents or the ability of doing those things that seem foreign or unlikely, but for whatever the reason, I have seen my life go in a way that I could never have imagined. I must assume that no matter the reason, God has seen a determination to use and direct me. I have always cared about the things of God, but never in a way that you could consider being dedicated or truly devoted. God is so good, but through-out most of my life, I was only willing to go halfway and give Him those things that really weren’t that important to me. I knew that I could not make it without Him, but the most wonderful fact is that, even though I rejected Him so much of the time, He never strayed. He has always been there when I needed Him, and when I finally told Him that I would do whatever He wanted me to do, I found myself doing the impossible.


The second reason for my writing is to show that life can be so much better than we allow it to be. It is God’s plan that we live lives that are truly abundant, and as He has told us that, that is one of the reasons He came to this earth. All of the difficulties in my life originated by my telling God how things were going to be, instead of getting out of the way and allowing Him to lead. Indifference is never desirable, and to spend time doing what God has told me is sinful, can never be justified. The only positive benefit to rebellion is finding out its negativity, and if I am to excel then I must choose to be obedient. Being one of those that have gone places I should have not gone, or done those things I should not have done, I am better prepared to advise others of their folly and can help in guiding them in a way that is more expedient and beneficial. What makes God happy will for sure be rewarding to His children, and if we can miss many of the pitfalls this world will place before us, we will live lives that are content and useful. While God has made me aware of this fact, He has also placed within me a desire or passion to tell others of His eternal goodness, and to warn them about the penalty of doing wrong. Arrogance will always bring about God’s wrath, and the wrath of God will always bring His judgment. Stubborn pride will not give you the things of God, and until you allow Him to control your life, you will not be truly joyful. The arrogant spirit does not seek the things of God, and, being out of God’s will, means that you have chosen to disobey Him. When you are disobedient, the holiness and compassion of God will bring about His correction, and if you want your life to count it must be lived for Him.


To all those who are listening, I do not write for my own glory; I truly want to exalt Him. Writing is very difficult for me, not in coining of phrases but because of the responsibility I am assuming. I do not want to lead anyone astray but to point them to the love of an ever-loving Savior. All that I write comes from the heart, and even though so many times, I have failed to live it, I know it to be true. Jesus is the best friend that I have ever had, and without Him, I would not be able to tell you just how marvelous He truly is. This one thing I have learned: if you will take the time to get to know Him,

He will change your life and make you something that you never dreamed you could be. He has never failed me; His goodness has been my salvation. The true love that He has shown me, now causes me to rejoice, and I sincerely wish to return what He has so willingly given to me. Thank you, Jesus.


Before we get too engrossed in our reading, let me take a moment to try and make this experience a bit more caring and personal. This manuscript is not an in-depth study of the Bible or a deep, detailed listing of the do’s and don’ts of moral living. It is the intent of my writing to be thoughtful and informative. I have learned in the past that my toughest critic should be me, and I know that if I am willing to examine myself, the thoughts and opinions of others will not be allowed to destroy or discourage me. We all need to live lives that are honest and pure, but honesty and moral living alone will not get us into heaven. Having lived for many years, and having dealt with some of the difficulties of higher education, I know that many individuals who are responsible for teaching, have a nature and style that exclude many of those they are trying to educate.   Many have lost the compassion and zeal that is needed, and without intending to be condescending, they just don’t care. Theology and the revelation of spiritual truth, in my opinion, do not adequately express the important truths of God if they do not show true compassion and love. As a personal endeavor, it is the intent of my writing and of my heart to see that this does not occur.

All that I have written has taken many years to research and compose; it has taken a lifetime, my lifetime. While the actual writing time was approximately three years, it has seemed to me to be an eternity. While I do not classify myself as a writer, I have enjoyed learning to write, and I have been blessed for my willingness to do so. These past years, God has allowed me to see things in a different light and to see the importance of serving Him on a much higher plane. I do not understand how such an exalted God would ever want to use me; but, I can tell you, the more I commune with Him the more fulfilled and peaceful my life has become. This world has become divisive and self-indulgent; and, as I try to fit in, I find it more difficult each and every day. As I live each day, my choices have become more important, and not wanting to give up my integrity, I have learned I must depend upon God more and more. Spending time with God has indeed been a revelation, and knowing that He truly cares about my problems and dilemmas, gives me cause to rejoice. What can I do that will give me true purpose and will help those around me that I consider as my friends? I want to be better than the ordinary, to be genuine and sincere; and, having considered life in all of its twists and turns, I know the best that I can do is to give it all to God.

As your friend, this is my recommendation to you. If you are tired and weary, give it to God. If you are miserable and hurting, give it to God. If you feel worthless and unusable, give it to God. I have been there and know this to be true. No matter how you feel, or where you are, if you are to be really joyful, you must give it to God. God will take the unusable and give them a purpose. He will heal the broken and hurting and give comfort to the miserable and weary. God is all about healing and abundance. He will give you all that you need if you willingly give it to Him.


“But God hath chosen the foolish things of the world to confound the wise; and God hath chosen the weak things of the world to confound the things which are mighty; And base things of the world, and things which are despised, hath God chosen, yea, and things which are not, to bring to nought things that are: That no flesh should glory in his presence.” 1 Corinthian 1: 27-29