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Table of Contents: Choosing the Abundant Life by glh

Table of Contents:

001 Chapter one, Dedication: page 5:

002 Chapter two, Acknowledgments: page 7:

003 Chapter three, Table of Contents: page 9

003 Chapter three, Preface: page 11:

004 Chapter four, Introduction: My Intent or Purpose: page 17:

005 Chapter five, God’s Undeniable Gift: page 21:

006 Chapter six, The Ever-Abiding Truth of God: page 27:

007 Chapter seven, God’s Ultimate Gift: Sacrificial Love: page 55:

008 Chapter eight, My Credibility for Writing: page 65:

009 Chapter nine, The Purpose-Driven Life: page 75:

010 Chapter ten, The True Purpose of Life: page 85:

011 Chapter eleven, God, the True Giver of Abundance: page 101:

012 Chapter twelve, The Sincerity of God: page 111:

013 Chapter thirteen, The Dynamics of Abundant Living: page 119:

014 Chapter fourteen, The Foolishness of Self-Adoration: page 127:

015 Chapter fifteen, Giving Credit Where Credit Is Due: page 143:

016 Chapter sixteen, Passion and the Choice to Be Passionate: page 151:

017 Chapter seventeen, Our Rights and Responsibilities: page 161:

018 Chapter eighteen, God Gives Good Gifts to Those He Loves: page 173:

019 Chapter nineteen, Growing in the Eternal Grace of God: page 181:

020 Chapter twenty, God’s Willingness to Die: page 193:

021 Chapter twenty-one, A True Loss of Innocence and Integrity: page 201:

022 Chapter twenty-two, Earthly Wealth Has Nothing to Do with Personal Security: page 215:

023 Chapter twenty-three, Faith, the Only Way to Please God: page 225:

024 Chapter twenty-four, The True Magnificence of Eternal Life: page 233:

025 Chapter twenty-five, True Definition of a Fool: page 243:

026 Chapter twenty-six, Eternal Death and Damnation: page 251:

027 Chapter twenty-seven, Idol Worship and the Reason to Resist: page 261:

028 Chapter twenty-eight, The True Need of a Gracious God: page 267:

029 Chapter twenty-nine, The True Wisdom of an Almighty God: page 275:

030 Chapter thirty, The Christian Life Is Not to Be Lived Segmented: page 285:

031 Chapter thirty-one, The Importance of Seeking God’s Will: page 293:

032 Chapter thirty-two, God’s Requirements for Success: page 303:

033 Chapter thirty-three, What Do We Really Own?: page 313:

034 Chapter thirty-four, Only One True God: page 323:

035 Chapter thirty-five, God’s Commission to His Children: page 331:

036 Chapter thirty-six, How to Have Everlasting Peace: page 339:

037 Chapter thirty-seven, How to Receive Jesus Christ: page 341:

038 Chapter thirty-eight, Epilogue: Comments from the Author: page 343: