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The Sincerity of God. Chapter Thirteen, Choosing the Abundant Life

The time is now. We must learn to trust the Lord, and He will supply our needs. By meeting our needs, He will increase our faith. What does that all mean? How do I apply it to daily living? Does it really mean that He will literally do what He said He would do? The more I really get into it, the more I realize that what He said wasn’t just figurative but is deep, down home, realistic. God will never separate Himself from His children, and when we live as if we are alone, we are only denying ourselves [Read More…]

Message from God___It’s all God

Message from God___It’s all God. My life is of no value without you Lord. If you do not lead, I have no one to follow, if I can not follow, than I have no where to go, because I have not been given the power to lead.  I know what is expected of me, but I am not complete in and of myself, I must wait upon the Lord.  I need to do what is expected of me if I am to be successful or to be at peace.  I do not want to wait, I do not find any [Read More…]

Intimacy …glh

We were created in the likeness and image of God; and, God, in His intimate plan for man, yearns to be loved and adored (Matthew 23:37). For any relationship to be exceptional and life giving, intimacy must be an essential part. The problem in society today is that everything is taken out of context; and, we use our worldly desires to justify our sinful passions and lust. Personal intimacy, or the act of being intimate, has nothing to do with sexual impropriety or perversion; and, no matter how hard we try to justify our inappropriate actions, God will hold us [Read More…]