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Chapter Fourteen, The Dynamics of Abundant Living.

Abundant living is a promise, not a guarantee. If we are willing to accept Him at His Word, He will do as He has pledged. The guarantee that He will do as He has promised is contingent upon our willingness to do as He has required. The right thought or motion will always produce the appropriate action or response. Dedicating everything to Him and allowing Him to lead will open the doors of heaven and allow His blessings to fall upon you. To deny or omit what He has required will not give us those things that are received by total obedience. The abundant life is all about being in tune. When we are walking with the Savior, it becomes impossible for us not to know what He is all about.

When we become eager, wanting to please Him, our lives will be easily molded into His image. As we begin to share in the goodness of God, we will automatically want to share that goodness with those around us. As we desire His holy presence, the more that we are molded into His perfect image, the more secure and effective we become. Putting everything into their proper priorities and perspectives will make our lives more fruitful. Getting to that point in our lives can sometimes be a struggle. It is not always easy having to give up the authority over the things in your life, but as you begin to mature, you will soon become aware of the importance in doing so. We do not have the power to make things happen the way that we want them to, but He does. We cannot see what the best way to travel is, but he can. If we are to see things the way that He intends for them to be seen, we must, of necessity, look through His eyes. Jesus is the only one who has the wisdom and power to do those things that are needed to bring about His righteous judgment and to expand God’s eternal kingdom. God the Heavenly Father has placed everything in the hands of His holy Son, Jesus, and without Jesus there is no way unto the Father (John 14:6). Jesus took the weight of this world upon His back when He died upon the cross, and by doing so He was made the holy sacrifice for our sins. The Bible says we are bought with a price, and being bought we now belong to Him (1 Corinthians 6:20). All power in heaven and in earth belongs to Jesus (Matthew 28,18), and
without His miraculous power everything would be lifeless and dead. When we talk of power or the all-powerful, we in essence are referring to Jesus or the Trinity, because they are the only ones who can claim that characteristic.

Following Him does not negate our importance or relativity; it only shows our sincerity and true purpose. Choosing to do what He has required does not take away our independence but only reveals our mental and emotional maturity. Being in charge is not the only position of responsibility, and when it comes to knowing what is required, He is the only one who can fit the bill. When you begin to understand that He is doing it all for you, His creation, then things will become more readily agreeable. It is not about making the best of things because everything He offers you is already the very best. It is not about checking to see if you can advance your position or status; He will put you in the only place that will give you comfort and fulfillment, the only place that will fulfill His perfect will in your life. He can satisfy your every need while here on earth. He will also satisfy your every need when you go to heaven.
To really understand the meaning of abundant living, just imagine what it will be like up in heaven. God only knows one way. He is perpetually determined to do everything right. He sent His Son here to earth to see that all wrong was made right, that all sin could be forgiven, and that man could have the potential of abundant living. He did not wait for us to enter into heaven but has provided, through His salvation, an opportunity for us to live life here to its fullest. How can we resist such a gracious God? Why do we find it so difficult to trust such a loving Savior? His act of giving has shown us the only abundant way to live. If we are to be truly successful, then we must also be willing to follow His benevolent example. The example of giving from a heart of total surrender was so that this world can be brought into the blessed light of His eternal love. What more can be desired? What more is to be adored? How is it we can desire abundant living and not willingly be totally surrendered? What on this earth can be considered more desirable than the blessed love of a worthy Savior?

If we are to stay in the place that He has provided for us, we must be in constant touch with Him. That is not something that is simply a choice, but it is a necessity. Life here on earth is uncertain at its best, and when we are uncertain about the choices that we make, we become disoriented and out of place. Being in a place where we want to be is not necessarily the place that we belong, and if we are to function at our best, we need to be where He wants us to be. Life is not a game, and we must recognize that if we are to be at our best, then we must rely upon Him to take us to that point. There is no “let’s try this” or “maybe this will work” with God. To allow Him to become Lord and Master means the elimination of all failure and possible defeat. For us to know what He expects of us, we must search His Word and be in constant prayer. “Pray without ceasing. In every thing give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you” (1 Thessalonians 5:17-18).

The sincerity of God has established His constant supervision; not only for our guidance, but also for our security and protection. It is His intent that we be in complete and continual association. God has given the power of prayer to all those that believe upon Him. If we are to maintain our lives and be in total obedience to Him, we must seek His will in consistent prayer. Prayer is a means of thanking Him for His goodness and of seeking His guidance and direction. Prayer is a way of showing our obedience and of gaining the power we need to resist evil. God knows what is best for us, and He is lovingly waiting for our request for His assistance. God is waiting to talk to us in prayer. For anyone to be where God wants them to be, there must have been an introductory moment of prayer. If God had not considered prayer essential, He would not have told us to pray without ceasing. Being in constant connection to God has nothing to do with God needing us, but with us needing God. Prayer is not something that we do to see if God is doing what we expect Him to do. We do not need to check up on God to see if He is awake or being attentive to our needs. Prayer is a blessing given from God that allows His power and direction to be transferred and directed to His children. When we are assured of His protection and are reassured as we speak to Him in prayer, we can become the examples that He has asked us to be. Prayer erases all doubt. Prayer assures us of His eternal presence. Prayer gives us the power to succeed. Prayer insures us of His eternal forgiveness. Most of all, prayer lets Him know that we are wanting to share with Him the deepest desires and expressions of our heart. Without prayer, we would be weak and unproductive; we would be wandering and un-forgiven. As we seek God’s will for our lives, we are placed under His protection, knowing that He is sufficient; and in all things, we are at rest. In that harmony we obtain by giving Him back what is already His. He will achieve true victory in our lives and we will, in turn, be used to bless this world in which we live. When you stop and think about this world and the people who have really made a difference, you are immediately drawn to those who have a giving heart and not to those who have only sought to gain. People who spend every minute in a prayerful attitude seeking God’s perfect will. People who have loved unconditionally know that God’s love is also unconditional. Generosity has a way of gaining respect and causes the giver to become more thankful and contented. Best of all, God honors those who share; and, in His loving kindness, will shower His blessings upon them. How can you lose when you are helping your fellow man, and when God has seen to bless you for doing so? What can be more dynamic than showing loving kindness to those around you, and gaining the admiration of your Heavenly Father for doing so? What can be more desirable than having a world that loves you for your unselfish desire to be of assistance? If you have never been offered a win-win deal, God offers you one now. The sincerity of God demands our sincerity in return, and as we meet Him in His promises, we are given a cause to rejoice. Abundant living is all about priorities and the continual desire to be found doing what God has required. There is no one on this earth who has not erred, but the problem is not presented by our lack of perfection but out of our expression of pride and resentment. Wisdom is knowing and doing those things that are righteous and holy. Being holy should not be considered as abnormal or unnatural. The world is not to be our example; it is not to set the standard that we follow, as God has commanded us to not become a part of this evil world. “Wherefore come out from among them, and be ye separate,” saith the Lord, “and touch not the unclean thing; and I will receive you, And will be a Father unto you, and ye shall be my sons and daughters,” saith the Lord Almighty. 2 Corinthians 6:17

Righteous living is the lifestyle that is less cumbersome and more fulfilling; it is the lifestyle that has rewards and not chastening. Sensitivity to God’s will for your life and the willingness to conform to His example and purpose are where you gain true joy in living. When you are not always questioning your actions or motives and have given everything unto His perfect will, there is no cause to become worried or fretful. It has often been said that we should not fret the small things, but many times the small things are what really cause us our difficulties. There is really nothing in our lives that is so unimportant that we should refuse to consider it. This should not give us cause to worry; but, in all things, we should act intelligently and responsibly, doing what is in our power to do and then allowing God to work. God, in His flawless wisdom and integrity, has considered even the smallest entity as important; and He will do what is necessary to see that His harmony is achieved. Unless you truly know God in a personal way, you will never be willing to place all your existence or survival upon Him. Knowing God for who He truly is will eliminate all instances of doubt and fear. As the Bible refers to Him, He is “a friend that stick-est closer than a brother” (Proverbs 18:24). When we consider those things in which we wish to achieve and maintain harmony, God should be on top of the list. In essence, He is the only one who is important;
He should be considered essential. The Christian life is not to be considered as effortless and uneventful. If we are doing what God has expected of us, the evil forces of this world will be a constant deterrent and restraint. Our main difference in living the Christian life should be our purpose and commitment. The joy and fulfillment we receive is not given us by our selfish motives, but because of our desire to unite and share. God has promised to never leave His child, and as we seek to serve Him, that relationship of dependency will grow and become our true glory. With a friend like our Creator, where do we have cause or reason to fear? Truly one of the biggest blessings that we can receive while here on earth is the blessing of friendship. How much better is that relationship made when that friend is none other than Jesus Christ, our blessed Savior? It is the earnest intent of God that all men follow and worship Him. He has giving us so much more than we will ever deserve; but in His honesty, He has yielded up His only Son. What act could better define His sincerity or show us His true mercy. How can we ever doubt someone who willingly gave so much? What can be considered more dynamic than a righteous God wanting to share with an unworthy creation?

The eternal hope of glory, our promise of a blessed future, should not be something that is distant and untouchable. Now, as we are drawn closer to our blessed redeemer, we are allowed that blessed time of knowing His true splendor. While we will be living with Him for eternity, now is the time that we should be getting to know and appreciate Him. The most difficult time that we as Christians will be compelled to endure, is here on earth when we must endure the forces of temptation and evil. Once we have entered our heavenly home, we will no longer be faced with the difficulties and problems of a corrupt world. As we enter heaven, living with our loving Savior will be our ultimate reward, but why should we wait until then to really get to know Him? It has been said that there is no better friend than an old friend, and sharing in the goodness of God should not be put on hold. We not only need to experience His divine love and affection as our eternal friend, but we need to be filled with His power and energy as we live here on earth. Without Him, we are nothing; and without His daily protection, we will be destroyed. As we seek to live lives that are motivated and directed, may that motivation be given us by our love of God and our direction be one of sharing His eternal gospel.