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Chapter Twenty: Growing in the Eternal Grace of God.

Growing in the Eternal Grace of God. As my world has grown, I no longer wish to satisfy my own selfish desires, but I wish to please and satisfy the one that controls me. I have a different set of goals. My intentions are no longer self-motivated. Having been warned or aggressively guided into accepting the ways of God was not criticism but sheer wealth. Accepting reality as a way of routine, is not survival, it is true victory. It is strange that by doing those things that cause those around me to be content, I also am made to [Read More…]

Chapter Nineteen: God Gives Good Gifts to Those He Loves.

As our earthly father wants to meet the aspirations and requirements of his family, so does our heavenly Father want to meet the many needs of His children. Becoming a child of God is not without rewards; He truly loves and cares for all those He has forgiven. In His love He has promised to meet all our needs, but God will hold all of His children accountable for their behavior, good or bad. As we discussed in a proceeding chapter, God’s Ultimate Gift: sacrificial Love, God’s most priceless gift was the gift of His beloved Son. The Bible says, [Read More…]

Chapter Eighteen: Our Rights and Responsibilities.

We, as individuals, have been given many rights and responsibilities. In good conscience, we can only exercise the rights that God has allowed us to exercise. We must be forever constant about all of our responsibilities. In my opinion, that is the greatest evidence of our power as individuals; we have the right and responsibility to choose the one we will follow. One man cannot choose for another. Under God’s authority there is no such individual as a scapegoat or the right of self-justification. That right and power of choice is absolute and is only granted to the individual. That [Read More…]

Chapter Seventeen: Passion and the Choice to Be Passionate.

Passion, the extreme emotion to experience or to feel or to act with enthusiasm or excitement. It can be directed to achieve or indulge in those things that are good as well as those things that are bad or evil. It is a fine line that will catch us either doing those things that are dependable and holy or rebellious and sinful. Its intent is to cause us to be found above the norm, and in its forcefulness it will bring about true fervor and zeal. In and of itself, it contains no negativity; but, however it is being applied, [Read More…]

Chapter Sixteen: Giving Credit Where Credit Is Due.

Giving Credit Where Credit Is Due. Giving God credit and thanking Him for our daily needs is a good and wise practice. It shows our ability to be appreciative and submissive. Being thankful is a quality of humility and shows that we are willing to give Him the credit for our deliverance. We owe Him our appreciation and our dedication for all He has done to provide for our daily needs, but we cannot stop there. Genuine commitment is absolute, and true service is unwavering. He has richly blessed us, or, as the Bible puts it, “He daily loads us [Read More…]

Chapter Fifteen: The Foolishness of Self-Adoration.

The Foolishness of Self-Adoration. We, as human beings, have carried this idea of self-importance to a foolish conclusion, thinking that we are no longer in need of a higher power or deliverer, reasoning that we can do it all in our own power and intelligence. It’s sad to say, but our impudence has not only caused us to miss out on all the blessings of a gracious God, but has sent many arrogant souls to a devil’s hell. There is nothing that man has done, be it intellectual or by the use of his hands, that has not been permitted [Read More…]