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Chapter Thirty-five: Only One True God.

Contrary to this world’s belief, there is only one true God, and it does not take very much intellect or faith to accept or to prove it (John 17:3). Denial is only the expression of arrogance and pride and places the perpetrator upon extremely unstable ground. Corruption of the heart and mind has reached epic proportions, and we no longer reason on those things that are righteous and holy; we only seek to condemn them. Stating that there is only one true God is not an attempt at showing anything other than a sustainable truth. Much of what is believed [Read More…]

Chapter Thirty-four: What Do We Really Own?

You were born from your mother’s womb, possessing only those things that were necessary for life, for survival; you own nothing. Because of the love of your parents, you were then given those things that were needed to sustain and maintain your continual growth and existence; you own nothing. In the early years of your life, being a young child, you are still in the protective hands of those who love you and are responsible for your daily nurturing and protection, you are under the complete authority of those who provide for your daily care; you own nothing. As you [Read More…]

Chapter Thirty-three: God’s Requirements for Success.

First of all, we must determine the definition of success, and who is defining it. Assuredly there is more than one meaning or description; and. to arrive at an honest, well-thought-out answer, we must all be in agreement. In this world, for an individual to succeed, certain goals must be met, and their monetary fortune must reflect that achievement. God does not put such requirements on individuals in order to call them successful. Financial success is only temporal at best and is lacking when expressing one’s true character. To be physically rich and spiritually poor is a miserable trade, and [Read More…]

Chapter Thirty-two: The Importance of Seeking God’s Will.

The life of man is a small time in the scope of eternity; and, as I previously stated, “We live in a split second of eternity. Because of our greed and indifference we have become trapped in our own desire for equality.” We find extreme difficulty making the right decisions from day to day. We, because of our lack of discernment, choose leadership that is corrupt, make decisions that are destructive, discard good advice from those who are wiser; in general, we really mess up. Many people reading this will say, “He’s really gone off the deep end now.” But [Read More…]

Chapter Thirty-One: The Christian Life Is Not to Be Lived Segmented.

While abundant living is given to us from the Lord, it applies to all facets of our life and is not to be considered negotiable or subject to compromise. Since life is lived in unity or, that is to say, that one part of our life affects the other, everything that happens to us is consequential. To suggest that we are in charge of all that we choose or desire, and not give God the complete authority to do with us as He pleases, is not to be considered justifiable; we have not truly considered the importance of God’s influence [Read More…]

Chapter Thirty: The True Wisdom of an Almighty God.

As I began to write this manuscript, my mind was not upon God’s true magnificence or His will for my life. I just felt in my heart a compassion to do something worthy; I just felt I needed to write. Like so many, I really didn’t feel I owed this world any more than my being here; and I found comfort in doing as little as I possibly could. I am not a writer and really had no aspirations of becoming one. To be honest, I just wanted to be left alone, to take life easy and not be bothered [Read More…]

Charter Twenty-nine: The True Need of a Gracious God.

There is not a person on this earth who is as dedicated as they could have been, could not have traveled further if they would only have given more, and could not have been more caring if they had only tried to be. Good intentions, a desire to succeed, wanting to do your best, are only beneficial when they accomplish their goal or purpose. Leaving this earth with an ounce of unexpended energy, physical or mental, infers that you really did not give your all. So much time is wasted on selfish desires, doing those things that are unjustifiable, and [Read More…]

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