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Chapter Thirty-nine: Epilogue: Comments from the Author.

At some point in my writing, I considered it would be good policy to construct an outline to express my intentions and to guide me in my writing. Being a rebel, I often take a road seldom traveled; but, by doing so, my intent is to view things from a different perspective, not to be considered defiant. I do not wish to discard the accepted rules or methods of writing, but most of what I have written is by inspiration. I am not an author, nor do I possess the skills or attitude of a writer. All I have written is an expression of thanksgiving and praise to my Lord. I have originated this phrase: “I can be as knowledgeable and creative as He (almighty God) wants me to be.” You might say that you have already heard me make this statement, and I will say, as my explanation, that repetition is the truest method of learning. I believe, with my whole heart, that God’s will can and shall be accomplished in the life and heart of anyone who desires His purpose. Many times while writing, I have asked Him for the proper word or expression. Often, I have been given words that I didn’t even know the meaning of. I must stop and discover the meaning before I can continue on. If you would ask me to explain, I could not; I only know that God is real and He will supply every need. Writing to express my own opinions or to satisfy my own desires has little merit to me. I wish to reveal the truth of His Word and to help those who are searching find the true solutions to their difficult problems. I know I am not infallible, and I must constantly strive to be open to what He is telling me.


My reason for being here is not to impress those I see as important or lovely; I am only here to do, as Jesus said, “the will of my Heavenly Father.” I have wandered around for many years wanting to make a difference, to do what I thought was important. I wanted to do what I thought was God’s will, but it really doesn’t matter what I thought. What is important is what He thinks. Wanting to do something great is an admirable thing, I suppose, but my opinion of greatness is paled when I ponder the total splendor of a holy God. What could be more demanding or rewarding than doing God’s will? I have often thought of those great men who were totally surrendered to the will of their Heavenly Father and how they were used to enrich the lives of those who obediently listened to their teaching. Perhaps they are supermen, but how can people become super without first having a super power dwelling inside of them and then willingly submitting to the total guidance of that power? I daresay that such individuals are merely men with a strong desire to obey what they know as a divinely inspired motive or purpose. To be totally dedicated to a just cause can, in itself, be a rewarding experience; but, when that cause is doing the will of the one who created you, that is as close to heaven as you can be and still live on this earth. There is nothing more gratifying than giving your very best and then seeing the rewards of your labor, but those rewards are only temporal. How much more rewarding are those labors when you know they are pleasing the One to whom you have dedicated your life, the one and only almighty God? You might not believe that a supreme power controls and directs us. To think such nonsense is complete absurdity. Either God or Satan controls you; your actions and desires will reveal the true identity of the one you follow. One of the most destructive and frighten ing things on this earth is the presence of doubt. To never know the total truth, or to never have the assurance that you are doing what is right, or to never feel that you will be able to succeed can be heartbreaking. Think of the opposite. How rewarding, how peaceful must it be when all doubt has been dismissed and you are no longer buffeted by its constant evil? How joyful those must be made to feel when they are not at odds with their desires, and they are willingly doing what they know in their heart they have been created to do. To arrive at a point of total surrender, to be completely submitted to a heavenly cause is a desirable but difficult place to obtain. We live in a world that is hostile to the things of God, and without His continual presence we would be consumed. Maybe this is the reason so few men have been recognized for achieving such a high standard. I do not want to accept, and I will not let myself believe, that so many more have not aggressively desired to attain this same standard. God will use whatever and whoever He needs to obtain His divine will, and He will not be deterred by any circumstance, great or small. How much better it would be if His will was being accomplished by those who truly love Him and are forever dedicated to His righteous purpose. Attention-grabbers, such as extraordinary catastrophes, seem to be short lived; while the life of a true witness can be expected to last for many years. So many times, God must first get the attention of His children before He can speak to them. I know that He must be saddened in having to do so. God is good; and God is gracious; but He is God and should be given the respect He deserves, yes, and even demands. I do not intend to sound pious because I know I have failed many times to do what I should have done. I know that there is nothing more glorious than being held in the saving hands of a loving God, knowing that He has given everything to secure my future. In my own eyes, I view myself as a failure; but, knowing that, I am also cognizant of the fact that God has saved me, a sinner, and has placed me in a position of service. Any victory that I might achieve is directly attributed to Him, and I rejoice because He has chosen me to serve. It is now my decision whether I will obey His will or whether I will rebel. I am sure that whatever happens, God will not be delayed. If I would choose not to serve, I would lose the many blessings that I would gain by honoring Him. When I consider what will be required of me, I am made to feel uneasy. I am only a man, a simple man at best; a man laden with the difficulties and failings of a sinful past. I know that without a willingness to change, I cannot be used. God’s requirements are righteous, for God is holy. When I ponder the question of service, I understand that I am really not required to give up anything but am gaining everything. From death to life, from pain to joy, from despair to hope, from doubt to assurance, from the surety of a devil’s hell to a glorious home in Paradise, will someone please explain to me what desirable possession or lifestyle I have had to give up? I cannot imagine a life ever being lived without a certain amount of pain or discomfort, but I know the ability to accept or to deal with that difficulty is made significantly more bearable when you do not have to carry that burden all alone. It is said that nothing happens without a purpose. When that purpose is seen as the purifying work of the Holy Spirit of God in your life, it adds the true perspective of gratitude. Most of the difficulty in our lives is brought about by our indifference and disbelief; and, when we are willing to follow what God has intended for our lives, it certainty can be illuminating.


How can anyone be grateful for adversity? I feel like there can be only one answer to this question. You must be utterly convinced that such adversity is in the will of God, and He is using it in your life to accomplish His divine purpose. The fact that He has placed you in a trial to test your faith is a constant reminder that He still has a purpose for your life; and, as He has promised, He will not leave you nor forsake you. After a lot of serious thought, I have determined that doing God’s will is not only the simplest way but is also the most rewarding. Being totally surrendered to a righteous purpose has not only present-day advantages but is the only guarantee of a desirable future. When I considered doing it on my own, for my own glory, I was always confronted with many complex questions. What do I do next? Where do I go from here? What do I do now? Where do I get the resources that I need to complete my project? How do I get myself out of this predicament? Having many questions required many answers, several of them seeming only to complicate the dilemma. When I surrendered everything to God, the answer was always the same. I no longer had to arrive at a solution; and, surprisingly enough, I stopped making so many mistakes. Some people might think that perfection is the ability for one to intelligently eliminate all of their mistakes; I think it is simply having enough wisdom and knowledge to give it all to God and then depend upon Him for guidance. Facing the truth, we cannot go wrong if we daily rely upon the wisdom of God for our deliverance.


How many people have you ever known who make a mistake even when they were desperately trying not to do so? God’s ways are faultless. If we do as He commands us to do, we do not err, for God is perfection. When we depend upon Him, we do not grow arrogant and prideful because we know that everything rests in His power and in His power alone. The presence of God in your life only serves to make everything more simplistic. We must all, whether we are saved or lost, meet the duties and trials of each day but not having to make those difficult choices and decisions alone takes away a heavy burden. Doing what is right by doing what God has directed you to do never brings the question of why or the necessity of repentance. Apologies are never needed when one is doing what is proper and expected. A person who is dedicated to his Lord and to His principals might not always be loved, but certain respect will always be given. The lack of understanding in the life of the unregenerate will cause them to doubt the sanity or passion of a devout individual, but it will not cause them to surrender their respect. Living for a good cause always has its rewards; and, even though those rewards might be a long time in coming, they are sure to one day appear. Love and respect, while they seemingly go together, are not always, of a necessity, dependent upon one another. It is possible to love without showing respect, and it is possible to respect someone without loving them. As you study the past, it is revealed how many were brought to God by the sacrifice of those willing to die for their beliefs. Truly, they were not loved, but their willingness to die for their beliefs brought about certain respect and admiration. True love is given unconditionally while respect is shown out of regard for an individual’s character and integrity. When you truly love and respect someone, you will find it extremely difficult, if not impossible, to disregard their wishes and will do all that you can to please them.


This is the way we should consider our Creator. We should give Him our respect as well as show Him our eternal love. Where do we find any form of disrespect for someone who has given us life? It doesn’t matter whether or not you choose to give God credit for your existence; it is foolish not to show respect to the one who created you. Whether it be out of a feeling of thankfulness or of certain fear, it is only sensible to show reverence to the one who gave you life. Does that mean you should also love them? In my heart, I want to say yes, but I know that it won’t always be that way. Many people, having a thankless attitude, have chosen not to believe their origin as God-breathed. If you consider your origin as being a mistake or accident, then you can be self-confident, knowing that you owe no one. Being responsible to no one other than one’s self is an intensively lonely place to be and, given the potential of most individuals, must assuredly be frightening. It doesn’t take anyone but a fool to realize that they need others to succeed; and, without assistance, they are sure to fail. As you examine what I have written, it is my desire that you think only of what God has done for you, and that you will allow Him to show you just how much He truly loves you. Nothing is more important than giving God preeminence in your life. As you allow Him to lead, He will bless your life daily in your walk with Him. The more you learn to trust Him, the more your faith will grow. The more your faith is allowed to flourish, the more fulfilled and reassured you will become. As you rely upon Him, He will do as He has promised and will give you that abundant life He has come to give. “The thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy: I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly” ( John 10:10). Trust in God, He will faithfully meet your needs as you faithfully trust upon Him.