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Life in Perspective

A comprehensive look at life the way God has intended.

This is a book I wrote several years ago, my second book, it was never edited and never published.  I have thought about it often, what’s next? With very limited funds and not really knowing a lot about what I’m doing, I have just let things slide. I told God that I would do whatever He wanted and I know, without His blessing nothing good will ever occur. I don’t believe all the time and effort I spent on it as wasted but I believe it is time for me to think about sharing what I have written with others. If God should bless me with the financial-where-with-all, I would consider publishing it, but until then, I plan to just share what I can on my webpage,  The time is getting short and my health is not as good as it once was but I will do what I can and let GOD handle the outcome, the results will be up to Him.  GLH



TITLE PAGE  (list of chapters)

Life in Perspective

A comprehensive look at life the way God has intended.



Table of Contents



Something in Life I Know to Be True

Life in Perspective

What Life is all about?

Who is God?

God’s Prescribed Order

God, the True Deliver of Fallen Man

Gifts Given Us from God

God Will Chasten His Child

The Necessity of God and His Spirit

What This World Can Give

What is Life Eternal All About?

What is Sin?

Living in our Comfort Zones

Giving My Life to God

The Reward of Righteous Living

God, the Same Yesterday, Today and Forever

The Holy Word of God

Positives and Negatives, Heaven or Hell

Jesus vs. the Devil

How Will God Meet My Every Need?

What is to be gained By Doubting Him?

More Blessed to Give Than to Receive

The True Reason of a Gracious God

Truth and Love

What Will Happen When I Die?

Who chooses to go to Hell?

There is Only One Good Option

The Goodness of a Loving God

You Choose the Way That You Live

How to have Everlasting Peace

How to Receive Jesus Christ

Comments from the Author

Pray that God will bless.